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For The Love of a GodFor The Love of a God

Welcome to Mount Olympus, where nothing is as it seems.

Eros, Greek God of love, is so tired of finding love for everyone else. All he wants is to find a lover or lovers of his own. Using his powers, he finds a man and a woman who share his fantasy of the ménage relationship.

Neil and Talia have captured Eros in a way no others ever have. With the encouragement of his mother, Aphrodite, Eros embarks on a quest to make them his own. Successful, Eros enjoys the relationship of his dreams. But Eros soon begins to wonder if his lovers feelings are genuine or simply a product of his powers.

Join Eros, Neil, and Talia as they search for love in the midst of Eros’s zany immortal relatives in this searingly hot romance.


Gabe is a guiding angel who has been kicked out of heaven for the sin of pride and is made to live on Earth as a human. The only way he can earn a place back in heaven is to have a human fall in love with him and give their life for him. Josh, the human doctor, captures him like no other and Gabe quickly finds himself becoming attached to the handsome mortal. But can Gabe sacrifice Josh in order to reclaim his place in heaven? More…


Hat Trick

Toronto Maple Leaf captain, Nathan, and his wife have been looking for a third for years but Nathan’s intense possessiveness has prevented them from having the ménage experience they both dream of. When rookie, Jeremy Reiner, joins the team, they both think they may have found the man for them. More…


For Her Honor

Wanting to keep her independence, Jocelyn MacKenna is determined to avoid marriage at all costs. When her craftily planted rumor ofher sterility fails to discourage all of her suitors, she makes a break for the nunnery, disguised as a boy. Attacked by horse thieves along the way, Jocelyn is rescued by one of the most intriguing men she has ever met… more



Be With Us

Be With Us by Lynn Tyler

Lindsay, a conservative librarian, has always fantasized about being with two men who love her AND each other. Much to her dismay, two hot men walk into the Toronto library where she works, eager to make that fantasy come true. But, wary of the scandal a menage relationship would bring, Lindsay sends them away. More…