Some great news!

Well, I got some great news today! My book For Her Honor has received a 5/5 review from and has been put up for the 5 Hearts Sweetheart Award next week!

Check it out:

All Jocelyn Mackenna’s father wants her to do is get married to have a man keep her safe when he dies. But being the independent soul that she is, Jocelyn isn’t about to allow herself to become a wife and a broodmare, popping out babies just so her future husband can have an heir to his throne. So the only thing left to do is make a dash for the local nunnery where she doesn’t have to abide by her father’s wishes. But when she is attacked by horse thieves on her way there, she’s rescued by the man her father chose for her to marry.

Robert MacGillivray has already faced the loss of one wife, and now he plans to remarry because he is in desperate need of an heir. When he learns that he’s the one chosen to marry Jocelyn Mackenna by her father, he sets out on his way to making her his. But along the way, he comes to the rescue of a young lad or so he thought, until he realises she’s a woman. And that the woman he’s rescued is the very one he’s set to marry.

For a historical romance, this had so many interesting elements to the plot. The mix of suspense, action, adventure and romance had me on the edge of each page that I couldn’t put the book down at all. The dialogue was excellent, and illustrated how headstrong both Jocelyn and Robbie were when it came to getting their own way. For Jocelyn, I could fathom how going from being so independent to being in an arranged marriage could ruin the life she’d dreamed for herself. It just didn’t seem fair. The sex scenes were scorching, and in abundance because these two were such a good match for each other. And even though Jocelyn didn’t want to be married, it seemed marriage life suited her. What I liked so much about Jocelyn is how she adapted to her new life once she became married. While with Robert, I loved how he allowed Jocelyn to keep her independence, even when all he wanted to do was protect her.

Overall, although some of this story was sad for the heroine, I really enjoyed every chapter and loved the progression of the romance between Robert and Jocelyn. And all that is left to be said of this incredible story is that I would recommend it to those fans of the historical genre, or to anyone wanted to read their first historical novel.

~ Bec, The Romance Studio Reviews