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Release Day!

Their Rebel MateIt’s official. Their Rebel Mate is now available at

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  1. I love the Helan Universe books. 🙂 Hm, I wonder if as a species on the brink, they take an interest in preserving endangered earth species? I also have to wonder how they’d react to woman who’s life was the military because she enjoyed it and was good at it? Heh, or one that was a top assassin? I wonder what they must think of the multitude of various cultures on earth or that we still fight amongst ourselves and have barely reached space-hood. 😀 I wonder if eventually Earth and Helan populations start to merge with Helans also migrating to Earth as much as Terrans migrating to Helan? What to the women of Helan think of everything? Are there any of childbearing age left? It would be interesting if there was a collaboration of Earth and Helan doctors and scientist who could help with their problem too. 🙂 At any rate, I love the books.

  2. I was just recently introduced to the Helan Universe and I must say I absolutely love them! Do you plan to write more? I would love to see Ro’an and Jaron’s story.

    1. The Helan Universe is kind of on the back burner right now. There are ideas still brewing in the back of my mind though…and I know who everyone ends up with so hopefully in the near future, they will start co-operating and let me tell you their stories.

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