Gabe is a guiding angel who has been kicked out of heaven for the sin of pride and is made to live on Earth as a human. The only way he can earn a place back in heaven is to have a human fall in love with him and give their life for him. Josh, the human doctor, captures him like no other and Gabe quickly finds himself becoming attached to the handsome mortal. But can Gabe sacrifice Josh in order to reclaim his place in heaven? Because if he can’t, Gabe faces having his existence snuffed out when his mortal body dies.

After a bad relationship, Josh has concentrated almost exclusively on his medical career. He becomes dazzled when gorgeous artist, Gabriel Michaels, sets his sights on him. The sex is the hottest he’s ever had, but something about Gabe is not quite right. The man has a face like an angel, the arrogant attitude of a politician, and seems to be sexually innocent.

Falling in love was the last thing either man expected, but falling in love may cost one of them their lives.

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