Prey excerpt

When Jade Adams’ abusive father dies, she’s finally free to return to the place she calls home.  She lands a plum job working with childhood crush, Sam Daniels.  Sam is as devastating as ever and he’s showing an unexpected interest in Jade’s sex life.  Is there a chance he’s stopped thinking of her as the tubby kid who’d thrown herself at him all those years ago?  Does he finally appreciate the vibrant woman she’s become?

With Christmas approaching and her friends around her, Jade’s life in New Crescent is ideal.  Ideal that is until several people are found savagely murdered.  Is the killer a human or an animal?  Even Sam’s skills as a vet and Jade’s uncanny ability to communicate with animals fail to uncover the truth.  After too many deadly close calls Jade suspects that Sam isn’t the only one interested in her.  Has the killer caught her scent?  Will she be the next victim?


She took a deep breath and spoke her mind.

“I’m sick of being treated as Chase’s little glass sister.  I am an adult and have been for years.  You don’t live with a man like my father and not get savvy.  I’ve got a mind of my own, and if you’ve got something to teach me then I want to learn.”  She could see his pupils dilate, and knew she had him.  Her gaze dipped lower.  “I want you.  You want me…your pants tell me that.  So what’s the problem?  Let’s worry about the rest later.”  Still, he stayed silent.  She could see the inner battle he waged and added reinforcement to what she knew would be the winning side.  “You question why I’m coming to you now at this particular time.  You think it might be gratitude for Tammar and Erick, but does it really matter?  Should it?”

His eyes practically dined on her.  Finally he said in an anguished voice, “Damn you Jade, what do you think I’m made of?”

“I’m not sure.  Why don’t you show me?”  She had him and she knew it.  The power that knowledge gave her was seductive but couldn’t hold a candle to the fire her need for him had ignited.  She waited.

Sam paused just a second then grabbed her upper arms and pulled her in the house.   She lost her balance, but he was there to break her fall.  Slamming the door with his foot, he hauled her body against his.  Jade was right.  His pants spoke volumes.

5 Cups, Coffee Time Romance Review for Prey:  “The bewitching story is full of supernatural beings, talents unexplained and a town that has always been a little special.”

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