SHI Smile: Superhero, Inc. 2

What happens when a telepath falls in love with a sexy-as-sin superhero? Sparks fly.

Russ O’Neill has been hiding a deep fear behind his playboy persona. He longs to fall in love but never seems to find the right person. He’s starting to think that he’s incapable of falling in love. The only person he seems to care about is his best friend, Travis Pickett.

Travis is a telepath who can’t stand the noise of other people’s thoughts in his head. The only person he can’t read, Russ, is the one man he falls in love with. But Russ is known around the Superhero, Inc. compound as the Super Slut.
When Russ loses his speed, he is devastated, and the only person he draws any comfort from is Travis. But will his personal tragedy send him running into his best friend’s arms, or will it send him running away?