Mate for Two: Helan Universe 1

It’s not easy being king, especially when you’re the king of a dying people. But that’s exactly what D’Arik is. Now, he and his consort, Varin, are faced with the task of finding a female mate to carry their child.
Jacy Townsend is enraged by the thought of human women being bartered as broodmares to an alien race and helps to fund a rebellion. But what will she do when she is chosen to be the queen of the very people she is rebelling against? And what will D’Arik and Varin do when they find out she is supporting the evacuation of human women?
As emotions and passion clash with fundamental differences, Jacy, D’Arik, and Varin must find a way to come together if they want to have any hope of saving the Helan race.