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Spring Mates_200x300Mating season. The time when a young man’s heart turns to creating a permanent bond with the one he loves. At least, in theory. But Adam seems to have no interest in mating with Cullen, though they’ve been together for years. Cullen can’t even take comfort in sure knowledge of Adam’s feelings for him as Adam has yet to say the words “I love you.”

Adam’s parents screwed up when they mated. The bond forged by the mating bite, supposed to be a way for mates to share their love and devotion, became a conduit for their hatred and bitterness. He won’t do that to someone he loves, or to himself. Cullen seems to understand, which is one of the things Adam loves about the man.

But Cullen doesn’t understand, and Adam’s forced to decide if he’s strong enough to face his fears for the man he loves.

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Spring Mates: Pack Mates Book 1.5

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Accidentally Mated release day!

Jake is finally here! Yes, he got his own book and it’s the start of a new series, the Fraser Lake Pack series.

And Tristan, oh Tristan…I so wanted to slap him around a few times. What can I say, sometimes alpha males are stubborn. Especially werewolf alphas.

By the way, isn’t this a delicious cover?

Any-hoodle-doodle-poodle, you can scoop up Accidentally Mated for 0.99 USD for a limited time only!

AccidentallyMated-LynnTyler-500x750Tristan Massey didn’t set out to become the alpha of Fraser Lake’s werewolf pack. All he wanted to do was borrow a car. But he couldn’t ignore the dangerous direction his beloved pack was heading in.

Jake Trenton, tiger shifter, has a secret far more important than his unrequited love for his best friend. One that he will do anything to protect, even move thousands of miles away from everything he’s ever loved.

One night of passion ends with a mistake that ties them together for life and ends in disaster. While Tristan struggles with the consequences of letting go of his rigid control, Jake must decide whether he can show, and accept, his true nature.

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Shifters Gone Alpha Boxed Set

Shifters Gone Alpha-1aThe Shifters Gone Alpha Boxed set is here!

When it comes to love, it doesn’t take long for shifters to go alpha. This boxed set of NEW stories from bestselling authors shows how there’s nothing a shifter won’t do for their mate’s pleasure.

Her Alpha Mate by Michele Bardsley
As the Fire Pack alpha’s wife Alice Mason will do anything ensure the future of her wolf pack and the ancient bloodline of her husband. Even if it means she must sacrifice her own life…

The Bear Witch Project by Renee George
Bears and witches are natural enemies, so when bear shifter Ty Wasape meets curvy witch Solange Tremaine at an Osage casino, he is naturally torn between killing her or making her his mate.

Her Destiny by Brandy Walker
Selena has a new job, new home, and new friends; to include a cat she calls Felix. When her life is threatened Felix, aka Malcolm, comes to the rescue bringing her into a world she never knew existed.

KnightForce 1 by Sydney Addae
La Patron’s rebel problem needs correcting before the cops get involved. Asia, Angus and Tyrese, arrive in the Rocky Mountains to prevent more deaths and keep humans unaware Shifters live next door.

Darkness Rising by Lisa Carlisle
Antoine Chevalier is a gargoyle shifter living in Paris. When he’s attacked by rogue vampires, he’s forced to abandon his identity and must recreate himself in a world now filled with darkness.

Her Dragon’s Soul by Julia Mills
Find mate…check. Bond with mate…check. Exorcise demon taking take over mate hence saving dragon kin and the world…oh crap, not again. Can’t a dragon catch a break?

The Gathering: Homecoming by Ellis Leigh
Join the trio from The Gathering as they navigate their new life. Blasius and Dante must make their mate Moira feel welcome, but their mountain girl has trouble finding her footing on marble floors.

Wolves at the Door by Skye Jones
Brooke is studying the wildlife of a remote Scottish area. What she finds shocks her. Sexy alpha, Drew, seduces Brooke. They spend the night together, but Drew wants more. He wants Brooke as his mate.

Domlen’s Way by Solease M Barner
Domlen’s handsome, sexy, smart and a Dominate. He will ensure you are satiated, satisfied, sore and pleased. You will only have to submit to Domlen’s Way to get the attention of this dragon-shifter.

Rescued? By the Wolf by Cristina Rayne
When Rogue lion shifter, Tori, jumps into the truck of an annoyingly hot wolf shifter she mistakes for human, lifelong hostilities and self-restraint are tested as they flee from the lions in pursuit.

Spring Mates by Lynn Tyler
Mating season. The time when a young man’s heart turns to creating a permanent bond with the one he loves. At least, in theory.

Breaking the Storm by Sedona Venez
One curvy fae witch. One smoking hot ‘Rock Star’ wolf shifter–and a curse that threatens their burning love.

0.99 cents at amazon and other retailers now!


Rescuing Kyle by Eva Lefoy

RescuingKyle2 LargeSoldiers and Geeks: how two outcasts find comfort in each other’s arms #GLBT #military #romance out now from @MLRPress

By Eva Lefoy

Soldiers who serve during action times can come home with plenty of scars – emotional, physical and mental – that keep them closed off from others. Geeks are by their very nature also reclusive. They are lost in their gadgets, working out new ideas, and fiddling and fixing, often alone. Both types are loners, for different reasons, but that makes it all the better when they come together!

In Rescuing Kyle, ex-soldier Derek really does rescue Kyle from a violent attack that Derek is in no way able to fight off. He simply doesn’t possess the know-how to defend himself. Probably if he read a book about it and practiced, he’d eventually figure it out! But Derek has more than enough muscle and mojo to get the job done. To Kyle, it’s as if the man has super powers.

So what does Kyle do for Derek? He’s a techie boy, a willing bottom and younger than Derek, which makes him less experienced. His last shot at bottoming was for the school football captain and the guy was NOTHING like Derek. Well… Kyle with all his gadgetry and computer knowledge knows how to get stuff done. Stuff that makes Derek’s head hurt just looking at the parts list. Plus, Kyle remembers how to have fun, something Derek has forgotten.

And what’s funner for two gay guys than a night of free porn?


Check out Rescuing Kyle and find out what Derek and Kyle get up to in their spare time. The book is out now from MLR Press and part of their Memorial Day special releases. Enjoy!





One man’s running for his life. His rescuer’s fleeing from the past. When the two men collide, one will attempt to prove his worth and the other will try to hang onto his heart.
Kicked out of his dad’s house for being gay, Kyle’s running for his life. When he’s rescued by hot ex-Army soldier Derek, he desires nothing more than a safe place to stay—preferably in Derek’s arms. But convincing Derek won’t be easy as he has his own demons to fight. Haunted by memories of the war in Afghanistan, Derek’s taken aback by Kyle’s playfulness and obvious hero worship. Determined not to act on his attraction he resists, but even he can’t withstand the sheer amount of fun one smart, sassy techie boy can bring.

Can one somber ex-soldier and one soda-fueled young genius find happiness down by the docks?




Derek’s scream jerked Kyle out of sleep. The raw sound of the pain went right through his bones, sharp as an axe. He bolted upright next to Derek, all at once scared and hyperaware.

Derek was breathing so hard he wheezed. Eyes wide, he stared off into space at the foot of the bed, his whole body trembling.

“Holy shit, dude.” He wanted to ask what was going on, but he had an inkling Derek was having a nightmare about the war. His expression was so torn that Kyle didn’t dare broach the subject, lest he cause more suffering. So he sat next to him, watching for a sign that Derek would be okay.

Eventually, Derek’s pants slowed, and his grip on the bedsheets loosened. He cleared his throat a couple of times and ground out a few hoarse words. “Sorry. I’ll be okay in a minute.”

Kyle didn’t know what to do. He’d never been around a man who’d served before, had no idea what he could do to help. So he waited, keeping an eye on the tension in Derek’s tight frame. When finally he slumped, putting his head on his knees, Kyle moved in. He wrapped an arm around him and placed his head on Derek’s shoulder. All he could offer was companionship to his misery, nothing more. But he could understand stark, gut-wrenching fear. That he knew all too well. As the silent minutes passed, the desire to comfort Derek grew. He tightened his hold. “It’s okay, man. You’re okay.”

Derek raised his head and let out a shaky exhale. “For a minute there, I was back in Afghanistan.”

The soft curve of his ear glowed downy soft in the early morning light. Kyle brushed his lips to it softly. “Shhh.”

He felt a shiver run through Derek, and the tenseness in him eased. Pleased, he gave the lobe a lick and caressed down the older man’s back, ending at his waist. Tugging him closer, he heard Derek’s relieved sigh and smiled. When Derek turned to meet his gaze, Kyle was ready. He met his lips, giving him a warm buss and then was quick to slip his tongue inside. Derek drew it into his mouth with a soft groan.

Wanting to show Derek he could take care of all his needs, Kyle folded Derek down onto the bed on his back. Their teeth clashed in a sloppy kiss before he got his bearings in the new position. Once he did, he lavished attention on Derek’s mouth and lined up their growing erections. Then he began to rub.


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Daniel’s Mate is here!

DanielsMate-LynnTyler-500x750Daniel’s Mate: Pack Mates Book 6 is finally here. Dan made his first appearance in The Wolf’s Tiger and has been very mysterious ever since. He’s been carrying around secrets for years, secrets that no man should have to carry.

Want to know a little more? Check out Daniel’s Mate.


Some secrets aren’t meant to be kept.

Big, bad wolf shifter, Daniel Carter has been on the run for years. Finally settling down near the Smooth Rock Falls werewolf pack as a lone wolf, he feels he may actually have a chance at protecting the secret he’s been carrying with him.

Trevor Armstrong is still recovering from half a year of horror. The last thing he wants is to be under the influence of another alpha. So when Daniel offers Trevor the chance to recover without giving an oath to the resident alpha, he jumps at it.

But secrets are not always meant to be kept and one false move can ruin them all.


Available now at: Amazon   Kobo   Google Books


A Quickie on the Couch ~ Amanda M. Darling

A Quickie on the Couch 02

One of my favorite people in the world, Amanda M. Darling, has written a practical guide to surviving personal loss of all kinds. She kindly agreed to do a guest spot. So without further ado, take it away, Amanda!

Thanks, Lynn, for graciously offering me the chance to post on your blog.  The title of my new e-book fits right in with your readers’ enjoyment of steamy stories, but the subject matter is a little different (sorry to disappoint!).  This is actually a self-help book for those who’d rather lose a kidney than add a self-help title to their Kindle.  Check it out with the subtitle – A Quickie on the Couch: A short, practical guide to surviving divorce, injury, loss and other traumatic events.


Here’s the official stuff:

Your spouse threw in the towel; you got the pink slip; the doctors told you and your partner that no matter how hard you try, the stick will never turn blue – whatever happened your world will never be the same. Whether your life’s a little or a lot out of whack, A Quickie on the Couch presents 21 goals designed to help you overcome a devastating event and get your life back on track, along with a large serving of humor when you most need it.

“Incredible! An invaluable resource for anyone going through a major change in life that they didn’t choose. This book is also hilarious – it encourages readers to change their attitudes so they can move beyond being the helpless effect of a life situation to being a causal factor in their own life by charting a new course forward.”
Joanna L. Cox MNLP MTLT MCHt
Empowerment Specialist
Individual & Marriage Counselling


Here’s the unofficial stuff:

I realized there was a need for a book like this when I was in my local bookstore a couple years ago.  My husband had just left me, so I was a) crying, b) wearing pajama pants in public and c) wondering why no one had written a book for people experiencing the immediate aftermath of a personal tragedy.  There were plenty of resources for people who are partially healed, almost healed, and even 99% healed, but all the available books were too long and too detailed for my emotionally-raw state of mind at the time.


A Quickie on the Couch is currently available for $0.99 on Amazon. If you know anyone who’s going through a tough time, please let them know about this book.  My number one goal is to help people when they need help the most (okay, my real number one goal involves Chris Pine and a round of spin-the-bottle, but this is definitely my number two goal).  I need your help to accomplish this.


Here’s an excerpt:

GOAL: discover your new values


RATIONALE: because, either a little or a lot, your values changed by what happened to you


DETAILS: Your values shift with age and over different aspects of your life.  They can change daily if you’re going through a major life transition (married to divorced, employed to jobless, man to woman…).


For example, if you recently survived a serious car accident, your previous value of “excitement in life” might be replaced by “stability in life”.  If a romantic relationship ended, you might value “loving friendship” more than “brutal honesty”.  If you recently lost your job, “earning money” might be more important than “doing what you love”.


Write down all the qualities that are important to you in each aspect of your new life and rank them in order of importance.  You might feel a little lost as you consider your values.  Some of them might come as a shock to you (“I always thought I valued…, but now I realize that it’s important…”).  This is normal.  Go with it.  You’ll be able to feel it when you discover an emotionally-true value.


You can create lists for each aspect of your life: professional, family, financial, romantic, leisure time, etc.  You might find that you benefit from re-examining and re-ranking your values once a month as you heal.  They may be consistent or they may change as time passes.


You’ll often feel a lot of anger as you recover from any sort of emotional trauma, and that anger is connected to your values in two different ways: 1) when someone’s actions conflict with one of your values, and 2) when you have two distinct values that conflict within you, and each is vying for top billing.


If you feel unaccountable or unreasonable anger at a person or a situation, it may be a response to conflict between two of your own values.  For example, a colleague embarrasses you in front of your boss during a meeting – and you say nothing – but later break the photocopier when you try to fix a paper jam by beating the copier with the three-hole punch.  You know this isn’t like you, and you’re mystified and embarrassed at your own behavior.


You’re rightfully angry at your colleague, but you’re also angry at yourself for tolerating the slight.  Here, your professional value of maintaining a pleasant work environment is in conflict with your value of standing up for yourself, which may also be in conflict with your value of not lashing out when you’re angry.


Further, little annoyances that you could otherwise ignore during this time will aggravate you deeply.  It’s like how you’re more likely to get a cold when you least have time to lay low and recover.  Here, your mind and body are under tremendous strain to deal with whatever emotional blow life dealt you, so there’s little strength for combating anything else.  Try to breathe deeply and focus on the only thing that’s really important right now: your healing.


Thanks again, Lynn, and thank you so much to anyone who reads A Quickie on the Couch and posts a review.  You’re awesome!




Date Night: Pack Mates 3.5 Excerpt

datenightI just thought I’d share a little excerpt from Date Night, which releases next month! Poor Shannon and Gray haven’t had any time alone, and it looks like this:

Shannon gritted his teeth, throwing his arm over his mouth to muffle his desperate moans, as Gray bobbed his head up and down. Those soft lips and the warm, wet mouth were going to be the death of him.

He jerked a little as Gray’s teeth grazed lightly along his cock and he couldn’t help but buck his hips up a little. Gray chuckled around his dick, and the vibrations it sent through him all but ended things right there.

Reaching down, Shannon hauled his mate up by his shoulders and helped him straddle his hips. “God, it’s been too long,” he whispered.

“You don’t have to wait any more,” Gray answered. “I’ve been wearing a plug since I got home.”

Shannon growled and reached around Gray’s hip, running a single finger between his cheeks. He let out a soft groan when he found it. While he took great pleasure in preparing Gray, it had been nearly two weeks since they’d had any alone time and he was desperate. “You’re trying to kill me,” he accused as he tapped on the base of the plug.

His mate shivered and started grinding against him. “Nope,” Gray said in a husky voice. “Just trying to speed things up.”

“Well, if that’s the case…” Shannon let his words trail off as he grasped the plug and pulled on it.

Gray’s eyes fluttered shut and he let out a small whimper. Shannon smirked and pushed it back in a little before pulling on it again and dragging a quiet whine out of the wolf. Gray had once confided in him that, “in felt good but out felt awesome.”

He made sure to work Gray up as much as possible. He wanted Gray on the very edge of orgasm before he actually entered him. He wasn’t sure how long he would last once Gray’s ass was finally closing around his cock and he wanted to be sure Gray wasn’t disappointed by his lack of stamina.

“God, gotta get the lube,” he panted, still playing with the plug.

Gray shook his head vigorously. “Can’t wait. Besides, I lubed the plug pretty well. We shouldn’t need it.”

Shannon blew out a breath and said a silent prayer of thanks as he pulled the plug completely free. “Then get up here,” he said, gripping Gray’s hips and helping him get into position.

The wolf arched an eyebrow as he settled down until the very tip of Shannon’s cock was snuggled between his ass cheeks. “Want me to ride you, huh?”

What did he have to do, beg? “Yes, baby, please. I’m desperate for you.”

The head of his dick was barely lodged in Gray’s tight little hole when someone started knocking on the door. “Uncle Gray? Uncle Shannon?”

The doorknob rattled and Shannon thanked God he remembered to lock the door before pouncing on his mate. Gray was off him in seconds, pulling on sweats and tossing
a pair of pants at Shannon. “What’s the matter, Hopie?” he called.

“The door is locked,” she answered, rattling the knob again.

Gray glanced over his shoulder and smiled sympathetically when Shannon wiggled around in an attempt to hide the tent in his pants by piling the blankets over his lap.

“Why was the door locked?” Hope asked when Gray let her in.

“Uncle Shannon and I just needed some time alone,” Gray said as he followed her to the bed. The little girl clambered onto the bed and settled herself next to Shannon.

“I had a bad dream,” she stated. Shannon looked at her doubtfully. She looked far too composed to have had a nightmare.

“Really?” he said, his erection withering when it looked like she was settling in for the long haul. “And do you want to tell us about it?”

Her eyes widened and her little lip quivered, though there wasn’t a trace of even a single tear. She really knew how to pour it on thick. And he would bet his brand new stand mixer he knew exactly what was coming. “I dreamed that Uncle Gray got yelled at by the mean Dr. Peckerhead and he had to stay at the hospital forever until he made the doctor happy.”

Gray snorted and slapped a hand over his mouth even as Shannon bit his lip to stop his laughter. It hadn’t been what he’d been expecting to hear but it did tell him that he and Gray had to be a little more careful about their conversations. He could have sworn the girls were always in bed when he and Gray talked about work, but Hope had clearly heard at least one of their conversations.

“Really, cookie?” Shannon said once the urge to laugh had died down. “Are you sure you’re telling the truth?”

Hope scrunched her face up and managed to squeeze a lone tear from one eye. “No,” she sniffled. “I just missed Uncle Gray.”

Shannon sighed and moved over slightly to make enough room for the three of them to sleep comfortably. Gray had just come off a string of night shifts, which meant the girls had only seen him for a couple of hours each day. Hope had been impossibly clingy with Gray today, so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise that she wanted to sleep with them.

He glanced at Gray quickly, and noticed he too, had lost his erection and was yawning. The transition between night and day shifts was always hard on his mate and Shannon knew there was no hope of sneaking off to the couch once Hope was asleep. Not when Gray would probably be fast asleep too. “Okay, cookie, you can stay here tonight. But just tonight.” Hope beamed at him and snuggled against his arm. “Thanks, Uncle Shannon.” Really, who could resist this pup anyway?

Available Feb. 9 from your favorite e-retailer.

Exposed Ecstasy (Psychic Menage #3) by Houston Havens

Exposed Ecstasy (Psychic Menage #3) by Houston Havens

Today, the wonderful Houston Havens has taken over my blog, with her newest release, Exposed Ecstasy (Psychic Menage #3)

Daughter of the Dirt Dweller’s ruler; Tessla Reto attempts to escape the Underworld after the mysterious disappearance of her best friend. She knows her untimely death is also near if her father, Landen Reto discovers her part in forming the rebels to fight against him. The two men sent to help her get away are killed and she’s rescued by a handsome stranger…or is she?

Faerydae returns to Earth in search of an inner peace his soul can’t find after the death of his friend Chandra Lamar. Instead, he finds himself in an unplanned rescue of a woman that stirs everything he’s fought a lifetime to deny. Can Faerydae stay focused on his goal to expose his past and true Fae bloodline, or will destiny play her hand? 

Shomar’s uncomplicated world is tossed asunder when his best friend, Faerydae, shows up with a stray puppy and a woman who steals the heart of his soul the moment he looks at her. Only to discover Faerydae and the woman claim they can’t stand each other, yet his intuition tells him otherwise. Will Shomar be able to win the woman of his dreams or will Faerydae always have her heart?

Will Tessla find her freedom? Will Faerydae keep his, or will Shomar succeed in his plan to expose them to their hidden ecstasy?

And, just because I love a little sexy in my new year, Houston provided me with a little snippet to share with everyone!

Faerydae proceeded to tether her hands to the post of the captain’s chair with one of the silky ropes. An inflaming need consumed her the second she felt the material touch her flesh. Those were no normal ropes. They infused her body with a demanding desire for the ultimate pleasure.

“Spread her legs apart.” Faerydae commanded Shomar.

He did as ordered and grabbed her ankles, parting them wide to expose her throbbing pussy, making her feel vulnerable. The tawdry revealing of her wet and swollen genitalia uncovered a secret pleasure of hers; exhibitionism. She’d spent a life time covering up her need and the pleasure she got from exposing herself. Until now, her only outlet had been released through fantasies.

Faerydae smirked as if he knew her hidden pleasure. As he tied another one of his transcending ropes around one of her ankles, her needs heightened for more decadent behavior. She clamped her teeth down over her bottom lip, fighting the urge to demand he bind her pussy lips with one of his magic ropes. She wanted to feel the silkiness of the braid slid through her wet slit and rake over her needy asshole. She lowered her head to her chest and moaned as she warred with her need to expose her dirty desires.

“I want to see…” He used the word as if he knew about her need. “…how wet her beautiful pussy is and if she’s ready for us.” Faerydae stood there ogling her, and she felt her clitoris tug at her in arousal. Her nipple hardened as she watched him and Shomar gawk at her wet slit. Faerydae’s mesmerized stare focused on her pussy was making her heart pound with exhilaration. He was studying her feminine part; how her outer swollen lips cover every fold of her inner lips. His gaze seemed to absorb her seductive, innocent pink coloring, but when she saw his tongue move over his bottom lip with a hungry swipe, she just about came. Her legs tensed. Her pussy throbbed. Her heart filled with pleasure. She could see he desired her pussy, be it wrapped around his rock-hard cock or slipping his tongue between her fleshy slit, he wanted her.

“Oh God!” Her mind was on fire with a burning arousal, and her body was in need of their throbbing cocks.

Shomar’s gaze drifted from her pussy up her body to stop at her breasts. She jostled them for his watching pleasure. He moved up, acting as if he were checking her wrist ties, but manage a taunting brush of his arm across her hard nipples several times, as he feigned tightening the knots on her wrists. When he backed away, his let his fingers grazed over her breast then returned to tweak her nipple.

Interested? Check out Exposed Ecstasy at your favorite retailer today.

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Flirting With Fire by Tara Quan

TQ_FlirtingwithFire_CoverMedI owe my lovely hostess a huge thank you for having me over today. My paranormal romantic comedy, Flirting with Fire, was just released by Decadent Publishing. It features a clueless fire mage, his fed-up cat familiar, and Madame Eve’s renowned one-night stand service. On All Hallows’ Eve, this witch and warlock iron out the kinks of an outdated employment contract in a spectacularly fiery fashion (and once you read the blurb, my very odd description will make a lot more sense).

In celebration, I’m giving away a $15 gift card. To enter, leave a comment here, and drop your details in the Rafflecopter widget (at the bottom of this post, assuming the code works, or at my website:


Flirting with Fire (A Witch’s Night Out, 1)

Apprentice witch Catalina Gato is prohibited from assuming her human form in front of her new employer without his express permission. Since he doesn’t know he’s a warlock, he can’t give it, leaving her in a familiar’s limbo. To make matters worse, she’s barred from leaving his house, and her attempts to enlighten him of his true nature results in burnt notes, charred walls, and exploding laptops.

On All Hallows’ Eve, she gets one night of freedom. Deciding some no-strings-attached sex might take the edge off the intense attraction she feels for her clueless boss, she signs up for Madame Eve’s service. When she meets her masked mystery date at the Castillo Capital, she realizes she might have gotten much more than she bargained for.

After being gifted a one-night stand from his annoying best friend, attorney Leo Difuoco reluctantly ventures to the Castillo Capital to celebrate Halloween. When he meets his oddly familiar green-eyed date in a Cat Woman costume, flames literally ignite, sparks magically fly, and life as he knows it changes forever.

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy, Interracial/Multicultural

Buy Links: Amazon | B&N | AllRomance | Decadent | GoodReads


a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Tara Quan

Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, paranormal worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, her characters are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after. Learn more at

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon


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[Excerpts are in increasing order of heat level, from PG to slightly spicy]


Excerpt 1 (PG) – 250 Words

Not bothering to close off the room, Leo hooked his fingers under his boxers’ waistband. “You’re a little pervert. Can’t you at least act like you’re not looking?” Very few sane people had lengthy conversations with their pets. He needed to get a life.

His audience of one lay down on her stomach, her face resting on her paws. The first couple of months, she’d pretended to be interested in something else— his assortment of fluffy white towels, for example. Now, she watched him shower like it was nobody’s business. Sighing, he took off his shorts and tossed them into the hamper, his aim perfect enough to remind him of his basketball-playing days. She meowed and nodded, as if in approval.

He stepped into the glass enclosure, feeling oddly self-conscious. With a twist of the handle, water fell like rain over his head. As he scrubbed, he continued to address the cat. “I’m going out tonight. It’s Halloween, and the guys are beginning to think I’ve turned into a hermit.”

The ensuing meow was pitched higher than usual. Though he hesitated to read too much into feline noises, his brain somehow interpreted the sound as an expression of enthusiasm. The plan he’d been lukewarm about gained appeal. “Besides, costume parties are great places to pick up chicks.”

He cringed at a loud crash. Poking his head out, he took stock of the damage. Ceramic shards from what used to be his soap holder covered the floor, along with globs of shiny translucent liquid.


Excerpt 2 (PG-ish) – 500 Words

Her lips pursed, [Cat Woman] stared down at him for a long moment. Then she muttered, “What the hell,” and dropped her very attractive behind onto the opposite seat. “So, this is your idea of an easy place to pick up chicks in costume?”

Not only was the question out of place, it bore an uncanny similarity to something he might have said to his cat. “Well…one in particular, I guess. What’s your name, by the way?”


She had to be joking. Or she obfuscated on purpose. He decided on the latter. After all, keeping one’s identity hidden made for a great exit strategy. “Mine’s Leo.”

She lifted the leather menu and opened it, blocking his view of her face. “I know.”

Madame Eve must employ a double standard, revealing the identity of men and not women. Another possible theory was Jack had forged the card and kept the woman’s details a secret on purpose. Both explanations seemed plausible. “What else do you know about me?”

She flipped a page. “Everything.”

Talk about unfair. Cat Woman must have received an actual profile, complete with a photo and an option to decline the date. “It might not be all true.”

She tilted the menu forward an inch, revealing the top half of her masked face. “What?”

“The profile you read. Jack has a weird sense of humor. You shouldn’t trust any of it.”

Her eyelids lowered into a slight squint, something the non-human Cat he knew had a habit of doing whenever he forgot to grab his keys. “I don’t follow.”

“It’s obvious you received some basic information about me.” When she shook her head, he waved off the denial. “It’s not a big deal, but I thought I should tell you someone else filled everything out. Since I hadn’t been offered a file on you at all, we should pretend this is a normal date and start over.”

With a shrug and a swift nod, she put the menu down, pulled her gloves off, and reached an arm across the table. The smile she sent him made his stomach do an unsettling flip. “My name is Catalina Gato. I’m a maid, accountant, and shape-shifting witch with a clueless boss and very meddlesome sister.”

What a sense of humor. Considering her costume, cat burglar would have been funnier, but she deserved bonus points for saying it all with a straight face. He took her hand and fought the odd urge to grab her, kiss her silly, and tear her clothes off.

The candle’s flame changed from blue to white. Then the fire shot up in a straight line, six inches high. Another round of nervous clapping followed.

Their palms still touching, he frowned. “Someone here must love Halloween. These special effects are over the top, not to mention dangerous.”

She shook her head and broke contact. Hints of disbelief and resignation laced her bell-like laugh. “Do you think Gomez has recovered enough to send a waiter our way?”


Excerpt 3 (Spicy) – 350 Words

Soaping her too-sensitive body, Cat closed her eyes and recalled an image of Leo from earlier that morning. She’d wanted nothing more than to slip through the glass doors, run her palms along those wet, chiseled abs, and trace the defined lines of chest muscle with her fingers. After less than two minutes of voyeurism, she’d imagined levering herself using those broad shoulders, wrapping her legs around his torso, and fusing her mouth with his.

Why did her boss have to be clueless and sexy? If not for the latter trait, it’d be much easier to hate his guts. Instead, she was trapped in a weird limbo between impatient annoyance and unbridled horniness. She switched the water to a cold blast. It didn’t help.

One cardinal rule existed in all professions—Thou shalt not lust after the boss. To it, she’d add—especially not when you’re his minion, bound by blood to do his bidding, and he doesn’t see you as a human being. But the impracticality of this attraction didn’t change the fact this man appealed to her in the most carnal way. It was a good thing she transformed into a cat whenever he came close, else her panties would be damp from constant sexual fantasies.

When she slept, she dreamt of learning the texture of his dark five o’clock shadow with her lips, of feeling his coarse chest hair rasp over her breasts. He might be no more than two inches taller than her, but she’d be powerless in his grasp. The man was all muscle, from his thick neck to his toned arms. Even without the magical rules demanding her complete obedience, he could compel her to do whatever he wanted.

This embarrassing and unrelenting lust put an impetus on finding a way out. She’d served Nonna for a little over three years and spent the past six months in his care, leaving an interminable eighteen months on the damn contract. By the time it ended, she’d be a frustrated nymphomaniac.


Excerpt 4 (Spicy) – 270 Words

Gomez’s manners thus far had been impeccable, but Leo could draw a straight line from the man’s eyeballs to Catwoman’s chest. To be fair, those were some gorgeous breasts—either that or the woman wore a killer push-up bra. High, pert, and full, they combined with lush wide hips to form a perfect hourglass shape. In those heels, her legs seemed to go on for miles.

Distracted by the lithe yet voluptuous body, it took him a moment before he could focus on her face. She had straight, silky black hair, cut at the chin to form a short bob. Her dark leather mask started halfway down her forehead and ended under her cheekbone, lending her heart-shaped face a mysterious and sexy air. Plum red lipstick accentuated a pair of pouting lips, which were perfectly situated between a small button nose and sharp pointed chin.

He had to agree with Jack. Catwoman was smoking.

The maître d’ led her into the lounge’s interior. As she walked closer, her spicy perfume blended with the scent of fresh tobacco, the intoxicating combination interfering with his ability to focus. Spotting him, she stopped in her tracks.

Her emerald-green eyes went wide. Then she swept him from head to toe with her gaze. The direct scrutiny triggered a sudden tightness in his pants. An electric sizzle spread over his skin and made his fingertips tingle.

A collective gasp distracted him from the odd physiological reaction. Thecandle on his table now blazed blue instead of orange, the flame growing to twice its original size. He snuck a peek at the other tables, all of which seemed to be experiencing the same fiery effect.

The lounge must have invested in some fancy pyrotechnic candles in honor of Halloween.