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Hello everyone, I am Isadora Montrose and I am thrilled to be on Lynn Tyler’s blog. Today, I want to share with you part of the process of writing my dragon shifter stories.

Dragon’s Christmas Captive is book 5 in my Lords of the Dragon Islands series.
The first thing I do when I start outlining a new book is to look at what the challenges will be for the characters. No challenges – no story. Then I use that to inject humor into the situation. I describe my stories as spicy romps, because they should not be taken too seriously. But the feelings that lead to the hot HEA – those are the real deal and not funny at all!

In my next dragon shifter romance, Dragon’s Christmas Captive, Elven Princess Alexandra has emerged from 800 years of solitude to search for her mate. The humor in the story comes from the collision between Theo’s twenty-first century world and Lexi’s medieval expectations.

To Lexi technology appears to be some new magic – by turns mysterious and powerful, and yet not as easy to use as her own. But equally, she is bewildered by Theo’s ignorance of things she takes for granted.

Dragon’s Christmas Captive

Dragon shifter Theo Lindorm has been hunting for his Fated Mate for 10 years. Elven princess Lexi has been waiting for her Prince for 1000.

She is prepared to settle for this modern day Viking barbarian, and trade immortality for a home and family. All Theo wants is a soft, sweet Valkyrie and some firelings.

If only Alpha Male Theo would play by Lexi’s ancient rules. But this Naval Officer resists her spells, and retaliates with a sensual enchantment of his own. As her attempts to make Theo love her fail, Lexi finds herself trapped in a mortal body snared by human feelings. How could Fate be so cruel?

Here is an excerpt:

“We haven’t got a chance. I’m sorry, Princess, I truly am. But it’s not even a forlorn hope.”

Alexandra folded her tiny arms across her chest. Her green eyes blazed. “You haven’t even tried,” she complained. “It’s your Quest. What kind of a dragon ignores a Quest?”

Theo leaned back in his armchair, crossed his arms, and stretched his legs out in front of him. He was enjoying himself. She was so indignant, and so cute. Mad as a hatter, of course, but cute as anything. Just being around the princess amused him. How could he convince her? He ambled across to his laptop, booted it up and googled the Gulf of Bothnia.

“What is that?” She was suspicious. She swooped onto the keyboard. Her feet sent the screen into a flurry of changing images. She leapt straight up into the air and hovered, wings beating furiously.

“Um, you can’t stand there, Princess,” he said, trying not to laugh. She perched trembling on his bun, holding on to his dirk to steady herself.

“Is it dragon magic?” Her voice was sharp.

“No. It’s technology.”

“What is this technology? Is it some kind of sorcery?” Her trembling increased.

“If it is, it’s white magic. Nothing to be frightened of.” Theo scrolled to the section of the map that showed Severn Island. He tapped the screen with a ballpoint pen. “This is where we are.” He expanded the map and pointed again. “And this is where your tree grew.”

Alexandra had stopped trembling, but now she began vibrating so hard his little dagger shook with the force of her excitement. “There’s my tree,” she cried. “But you cut it down,” she said more doubtfully.

“This photograph was taken some time ago, it shows the past, Princess, not the present.”

“The Pool of Loki is better,” she informed him grandly. “It shows the past, the present and the future.”

“I’m not familiar with the Pool of Loki,” Theo said dryly. “But this map is the best one I’ve got. Can you show me where the dragon fell from the sky?”

“I don’t know,” Princess Alexandra peered down at the screen. Her voice was faint and buzzed with anxiety. “I think you should look at my map.”

She flew down in front of him and stood beside his laptop. A stick shorter than her trident materialized in her little hand. She held it out to him. Theo did not know how to take it without taking her entire arm too. Eventually he laid his palm flat and she placed the minute object on it.

It began to grow before his eyes. Soon it was clearly a tightly rolled scroll wound around an ivory stick with gilded knobs. In a very little while, it was large enough for him to unroll. He laid it flat on his bed, where it gave new meaning to ‘pop-up’. Princess Alexandra stood on his shoulder and squeaked into his ear, as the forests and hills came into high relief.

“This is hard to understand,” she said, “When it’s so cursed big. I don’t know where I am.” She flew down and began to walk gingerly across the map. Her purple and gold dress seemed to be entirely composed of glitter and floss. Her pale limbs winked through the fabric as she clambered uphill and down.

She stumbled and fell. “I can’t find my grove,” she grumbled, fluttering up to his shoulder again.

Theo put his finger down on the little rise that Princess Alexandra’s trees grew on. “This is it, right here.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, sweetheart. I’m good at reading maps.”

“And swimming,” she said. “You wear funny orange colored livery when you go beneath the waves to play with your pets. Carrying drink. You can hold your breath for a long time like the whales. I’ve seen you – many times.”

It took Theo a moment to realize that she thought his dive tanks were some kind of beverage carrier. “It’s a whole new world, Princess, that you’ve woken up in.”

“You needn’t sound so happy about it, Lindorm.”

“What are these little ships here?” With the tip of his pen, Theo tapped the map where squared-sailed vessels bobbed in the blue waves.

“Those are the longships that fought with those of the Snorre the Thief, of course.” Her tone suggested he lacked the brains of the village idiot.

“Of course. And where did Snorre fall to his death?”

“There.” Alexandra pointed with her small trident.

Theo saw that a burgundy dragon struggled on the white frilled waves. The waves swallowed Snorre and spat him out – over and over. A gruesome little animation. His pixie was a bloodthirsty little imp.

A bit about Isadora Montrose:

I write hot paranormal romance. I just celebrated my Indie-publishing birthday on Oct 22. I had no idea that this gig would turn out to be mainly about interacting with readers and other authors. Indie-publishing is a way more intimate experience than I ever dreamed, and I love every minute.

My spicy stories involve heroic bear shifters and hunky dragon shifters and the curvy women who are their fated mates. I have three series: Bear Fursuits, The Bachelor Bears of Yakima Ridge, and Lords of the Dragon Islands. Next year, I intend to launch a Phoenix shifter series of military Alpha Males.

Alpha males who are both tender and protective are the heroes I enjoy reading about, so those are the kinds of guys I put in my books. I want my heroines to be someone with whom the reader can identify: bold, brave women facing head-on the challenges thrown at them by a hard world.

I decided to write stories about full figured women who look like the average woman, because I want my readers to identify with my heroines. Their men think they are beautiful and desirable, and love them to bits.

Right now, I am excited about the holidays. Dragon’s Christmas Captive will be published in Shifters Secrets & Surprises, a box set with 3 other hot holiday romances.

And my full length novel Dragon’s Possession about Theo’s cousin Lars will be available for pre-orders on Nov 21.

Read Dragon’s Christmas Captive and the steamy shorts of Lily Thorne, Emma Alisyn and Anna Lowe in Shifters, Secrets and Surprises.

It will also be available in Kindle Unlimited as are all my other books:

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THANK YOU for making it to the end: The talented Anna Lowe has created a jigsaw puzzle of the cover of Shifters, Secrets & Surprises. I hope you enjoy it: