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Makeup Monday ~ Mirabella Eye Definer

This week’s Makeup Monday is about another Mirabella product, their Eye Definer.


If you read my post about Mirabella’s Eyeshadow Palette, you’ll remember that my first “real” makeup purchase was from my sister-in-law, Lisa. I got the  Mirabella Eye Definer at the same time.

Now, the Eye Definer is basically a eyeliner. Again, it’s on the expensive side. But I took advantage of an offer the salon was having and I got 15% off the final price.

This eyeliner is soft, creamy and glides on like a dream. I’m in my 30’s now, so I find that I do have to pull my eyelid a little or else the liner will tug just a little and make it difficult to get a straight line. Have the pencil sharp helps a lot. In fact, I sharpen it a little every time I use it.

As for staying power…well, for me it’s so-so. Once it sets on my upper lid, it doesn’t move. It doesn’t migrate up into my crease, which happens with several other liners, so this is great. My lower lash line is another story. The color goes on richly and looks great for about an hour, but over time, it kind of disappears. It disappears even faster if I line my water line.

Now, I don’t think this has much to do with Mirabella’s formula. I’ve come to the conclusion that I either have excessively watery eyes or an oily lash line, because I have yet to find a liner that sticks around on my lower lashes. On the plus side, I wasn’t left looking like a raccoon.


Color selection is not bad, at 6 colors. I’ve certainly seen lines that have more choices but the colors that are provided will work well for just about any look or occasion. I’ve not been to too many events where one would absolute need an electric blue eyeliner, so I’m happy with the color choices.

The one I bought is called Twig. It’s a nice, rich brown, and leaves me looking like I have naturally thick lashes, which is the original point of an eyeliner.


So, would I re-purchase it? At $19.00 per Eye Definer, probably no. Not because of the quality. I highly believe you get what you pay for and this is a wonderful product. But I just don’t need something so high end. For people who need to use makeup for a living, then it’s probably a great investment. But for people like me, who only want to play around, it’s probably not worth it.

All in all, I’m glad I did purchase it and it will probably last me forever!



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