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Going head-to-head against the mist could unleash a war on all of them--a war that began years ago, ending in a painful, horrifying death for all. Can Ara save them all before the gates are unlocked for good?

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Born of powerful witches, Maggie runs headlong into the myth and magic that are her birthright.

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Sparks fly and teeth are bared. Opposites attract they say. If they don't kill each other first.


Can a Wolf escape his heritage and DNA, or will his inner Alpha come to the fore!

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In the midst of enemy werewolves and the hordes of undead, Dirk and Dora's sexual tension ignites a blaze hotter than the desert highway. Along their journey, they battle the inevitable: a werewolf must never take a witch as a mate.

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Dip into Vampire Romance with 10 of today's Best Selling Paranormal Romance authors in this boxed set about forbidden love, romance, undisclosed desires, and secrets.

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My family says I shouldn’t trust vampires, that they would drain me dry rather than look at me. But to save Tessa, I need his money. I never expected to fall in love with him…Or to become a monster myself.


Vampires are real and I'm in trouble. Fifteen grand to a vampire mob boss kind of trouble, and I have no way of paying the debt. So I do the only thing I can to survive, I become a Blood Courtesan.


In the vampire world, blood is money and sex is everything. But when my power catches the attention of the oldest, most powerful vampire in the coven, he'll do anything to make me his.

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Attacked by demons, kidnapped by vampires. Hailey Martin awakens to a new world filled with supernatural threats. She has no idea where her family is and has no idea where to turn for help.


Save $7 on buying the books separately! Almost 350,000 words of dark vampire romance and paranormal suspense! Read what reviewers are calling ‘heart-pounding’, ‘suspenseful’, and ‘a series you won’t want to put down!'

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Available for pre-order. Fear the reckoning of those you have wronged. Notorious Hunter King Jake Barrett lives his life according to a warrior’s creed. His forces are hard-pressed, outnumbered, and outgunned. Malevolent gods threaten his six-year-old son. In desperation, he extends his hand to his ancient friend and foe for help.

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Valentine Lobo is the last werewolf left on planet Lupine, and his arranged marriage should only have one outcome: his heir. But what happens when he falls for his wife?

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And as danger mounts, he's left balancing his desire for revenge and his need to protect. But the line between them isn't always black and white, especially where his family is concerned.


I’m working as a cocktail waitress at a shady club when my boss accuses me of stealing a hundred thousand dollars. There's no way I can pay it back—but if I don’t, I’m dead. Then a sexy French vampire steps up to pay off the debt. All I have to do is become his blood courtesan...

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A BBW wolf shifter romance set in the Scottish Highlands. When a sexy shifter and a curvy human female meet, the sparks fly.

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I have to sell myself to the vampires. I know it's not safe, but there's no other option. Not for the amount of money I need. It's either become a blood courtesan or watch my mom die while we lose the only home I've ever known.

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Zak should kill the beautiful witch that betrayed him, but he can't bring himself to do it. All he wants is a chance to get to know the bewitching beauty. His mother maliciously grants his wish when she casts a spell that sends them both into the past.

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Somewhere between cautioning the clan and realizing the necessity of destroying the beasts that threaten them all, Mairi and Bryce discover an attraction that quickly evolves into a consuming passion. A problem even greater than the murderous fiends becomes apparent – the love they share may not survive the battle.

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