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Guest post for India-Jean Louwe

Today, I want to welcome India-Jean Louwe, who has provided us with a recipe for a delicious Peppermint Chocolate Mousse and an equally delicious excerpt from her book King Of Venus Butterfly.


Excerpt from King of Venus Butterfly:

The man, who could be seen easily two stories below, stood perfectly still. His bare torso, wide and sturdy, gleamed radiantly bronze in the sun. Well-defined muscles, clearly visible even from this height, rippled and flexed as he maneuvered the spear-like object in his hand. Biceps and Jeans-clad thighs clenched as he leaned all the way back until the tail end of his weapon touched the ground. Lucy held her breath, which was caught anyway somewhere between her sternum and her collarbone. In that position, as he held as still as cold granite, he looked like a Greek statue. But Lucy knew he would be warm to the touch, if not sizzling. Sweat dripped off the jagged ends of his unruly dark mahogany hair and joined more dewy droplets on his bare shoulders and back. Without warning, his body swiveled. In one smooth, agile move, the spear was launched into the air.
Lucy did not bother watching the tool. Her entire focus remained captivated by this splendid specimen of a man. He also did not stay in position to watch his target, but instead leaned over to grab another long spear. That move gave Lucy another wonderful view to appreciate. The faded denim, obviously well used, molded to his ass cheeks, cutting delightfully into every crack it caressed. One thing was patently clear. Either he wore a thong or absolutely nothing at all beneath those stretched jeans. Her hands curled against the pane. What would it feel like to grab those delicious looking orbs and squeeze them like a pulp, luscious fruit? Dear God!
Her appreciation for this particular morsel, or rather, the crème de la crème of what could be the most delicious-looking muscle, brawn, and ass she’d seen in her life, left her more than a little shaken. Thus far, her idea of a hot man was one dressed more formally and elegantly. Topless men in scruffy, tight jeans had always fallen into the cheap category for her. They were the ones who did menial jobs and resorted to bestial impulses such as wolf whistles and crass innuendoes whenever a lady walked past. But there was nothing cheap about this man. In fact, if he were any more “rich,” she suspected that she could lick him up and he’d taste no less satisfying than chocolate mousse.
It isn’t the decadent taste of just any chocolate mousse that coats Lucy’s pallet while watching Ryan, but something sinfully sweet yet boldly enlivening — Peppermint!
Here’s the easy recipe for a taste of pleasure so good it’s sinful:

Peppermint Chocolate Mousse.

1 large can evaporated milk.         1 pkt 150G pink and white marshmallows.                            180G slab plain chocolate.
250ML fresh cream.
1 large slab peppermint crisp chocolate.


Melt chopped marshmallows and grated plain chocolate with half a tin of evaporated milk over LOW heat,stirring all the time. Take care,as mixture could burn easily. When melted,remove from heat and allow to cool. Beat balance of evaporated milk and fold into chocolate mixture. Beat fresh cream until stiff and fold into chocolate mixture. Remember,don’t over beat or the creams will separate. Pour mixture into a casserole,decorate with grated peppermint crisp chocolate and mint leaves(optional).Allow to set in the fridge for a few hours. Serve well chilled. Enjoyyyy!!!


Want to check out more of India-Jean’s work?


  1. I did not want to read the excerpt since I have the book. Don’t want to spoil the read. I do like the recipe. What is a large can of condensed milk? You sized everything else.

    My mother used to make chocolate pudding from scratch. I used to have to stir the mixture for her. To avoid burning she used a double boiler. If anyone has one it might be a good idea to use it for this. In pharmacy tech school we were learning out to compound drugs with a double boiler. I forgot and set the beaker directly over the burner resulting in having to move so I didn’t get any on me as it rained down from the ceiling.

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