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Today, G.A. Hauser shares a blog from Mark’s, the hero of her series Action! point of view.

Mark Loves Steven!

Well, I suppose sitting my flamin’ arse down here and writing a blog is long overdue.

Yes, hullo, it’s me, Mark Antonious Richfield, for those of you who read about me in GA’s Action! Series, you already know me well.

About me…what about me? You either love me or hate me. Oh yes, I’ve seen some very rude comments about me and my son, Alexander. We know we aren’t perfect. Both of us have struggled with a terrible upbringing and felt unloved for a very long time. I don’t want to write a blog filled with angst, because Alex and I aren’t the only gay men to have been abused, beaten by our fathers or teased and bullied because we were…different.

But Alexander, the child whom came to me at eighteen, by storm, mind- changed my life forever. Our relationship was horrendous in the beginning, and what can you expect since he only found out I was his father at eighteen, and I never knew I had fathered such a son. Alas, we have found each other, for better or worse. Life goes on, we have gotten over some hurdles and we manage.

He has found the love of his life, Lt Billy Sharpe, (yes, the man is twenty years Alex’s senior, but…) And I have found my man as well. Steven Jay Miller, lover extraordinaire. Steven and I also got off to a rocky beginning. After all, I was the newcomer to Parsons and Company and my pompous swagger nearly set us up for blows. Luckily our sexual attraction made for a different kind of ‘blow’. I sucked his beautiful cock on a business retreat in New Mexico. Did our fellow employees know? Not a clue. They only hoped Steven and I didn’t kill each other when we got separated from the group and spent the night out in the frigid cold.

Steven and I lit a fire that night. A fire that awakened what I had been hiding for so long. You see, I was engaged to Sharon Tice at the time. Well, to be honest, I was about to walk down the aisle…no, I did walk down the aisle, to marry a woman. My baby, my lover, Steven, interrupted our wedding ceremony, crying my name. Well! What was I do to? I felt like I was remaking The Graduate and Ben was screaming for Elaine.

My Steven.

The man who has stolen my heart for eternity. We raced off that day, me in my tuxedo, Steven in his sweats and t-shirt. Raced off, driving away from an angry mob of family and friends. To?

To living together in Bel Air, CA. To raising together a wonderful young man, my Alex, to having an incredible relationship with Jack Larsen and Adam Lewis, our closest companions and lovers…

For all of you who believe love in books is not possible, just a fantasy, let me tell you, I am proof that no matter your faults, and yes, lovelies, I have too many to count, there will be that one man who loves you. Loves you even when you fall to pieces, loves you even when you make terrible decisions, and loves you because you have become one.

I love Steven Jay Miller, so deeply, I cry, I hurt, and I will never love another the way I love him.

For all of you who cherish our love, who root for us to continue to succeed and rejoice at the fact that two men, yes, two men, can love and be joined by that love, eternally.

To all of you out there who think there isn’t one person out there for them, take heart. Though my Steven is one of a kind, there are men out there who are as incredible as he is. And whether you are a straight couple or a gay couple, you are entitled to that love.

Cheers to my wonderful fans out there. And always remember, it is you who make me who I am.

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