Ghosts of Christmas Past – Reconnecting with soul mates or “Groan oh no, not you again”

Today, May Water talks about soul mates.

You meet someone and boom! The connection is so strong it staggers you. Your very spirit is inexplicably drawn to them. It’s hard to explain to anyone. When you do try to explain you sound a bit nutty. The connection is both comforting and unnerving.You do and say things you would never do or say with anyone else.  As if a force bigger than the two of you has drawn you together.

With other people you meet it just may be that niggling feeling deep inside as if you already know them. There is a familiarity which you can’t explain. You actually might want to get the hell away from them in some case. For some reason they just repulse you.

Soul mates, fate, destiny. Is it real? I believe it is. I also believe that the soul mate bus is a ride I want to get off. From personal experience this life time it is not as romantic as people make it out to be. Sometimes it can be the most tragically painful experience anyone should have to endure. Especially when two soul mates initially start off with a bang, and then end with a bigger bang.

Yes, the wise ones say that there are lessons to be learned, the reason you were drawn together was for a higher purpose, look at all the good that came out of the union. I say yawn. I used to say all of that happy crappy stuff too. Now I say that peace is more important.

So, that being said, I decided I’m coming back as a whale next lifetime. Yup, most likely a blue or sperm whale (pun intended since I’m an erotic romance writer). The life of a whale will fit all my needs. Ah it will be so much easier:

– I love to travel so migration will be fun

-I love seafood and kelp type foods. When I’m a whale I’ll just have to open my mouth to eat. Kind of like when I go to the seafood buffet.

-I love to live near the ocean. Hell I’ll be IN the ocean

-Most whales live in family structures. The social creature in me will like that. Plus my offspring won’t be asking me to order things online or shoving things into the shopping cart when I’m not looking.

-But most importantly I’ll take a break from my twin flame soul mate. You see, things ended very badly for us this lifetime. My LOVE BEYOND DIMENSIONS  series is a sample of some of our past lives. I wrote them so I would remember the good that once was. Yes there was always drama, but we alwayd ended up together. A present day tale would not have a happily ever after.

So, past lives, future lives, soul mates, twin flame soul mates, destiny, fate. Just nonsense gibberish words to a whale. Exactly what I want next lifetime.

Love & Warmth,


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