Friday, June 8

Another Friday Favourites is here, and I thought I’d talk about books…again. Don’t throw rotten food at me, I just really like to read!

Have I mentioned lately that I like Urban Fantasy? No? Well, I do. And one of my favourite series is the Fever series from Karen Marie Moning.

It’s chock full of hot guys, kickass girls, and magic.

Honestly, what’s not to love? And I really don’t know who I like better, Barrons or Christian. I can make a good case for either of these men.

But let’s talk about the main character, heroine Mac, for a minute. She is the perfect example, in my mind, of character growth. In the beginning of the series, Dark Fever, she is naive, selfish and shallow. All she seems to care about is her tan. But then the unthinkable happens: her beloved older sister is murdered while studying abroad.

As the books progress, Mac moves farther from the selfish little girl she started out as to the kickass heroine she becomes. ¬†Oh, she still likes pink and sparkly things, but now she wears leather because “it’s easier to wipe the fae goo off of,” (please forgive me if the quote isn’t exact, it’s not quite six in the morning here). She becomes more concerned with the people around her than she is about herself.

Barrons is, well…Barrons. I’m not sure if he’s kickass or just an ass but I love him just the same.

And Mac’s mom turns out to be a hoot!

The plot carries strong over every book in the series, never seeming to lose course. There are enough twists to keep it from getting predictable and enough steam to keep me from looking for the *ahem* action.

But, Lynn, you may be asking. I’m in the Urban Fantasy section of my bookstore and I can’t find the Fever series. Try checking out the romance section. Moning’s previous books, the Highlander series, are paranormal romance and somehow the Fever books were lumped in there. As an aside, the Highlander series is fantastic as well, but markedly different than the Fever series.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I think I’ll go pull out my copy of Dark Fever and start the series all over again.