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Friday Favourites ~ June 22, 2012

When I was trying to think of one of my favourite things to write about for this post, I was stumped. Not because I don’t have any favourites left…I’ll always want to blab about what I like. But narrowing it down is tough.

Last week I deviated from my usual discussion on books. Today I’m going back to babbling about another one of my favourite series, the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.

What do I love so much about this series? Mercy, of course. She’s a girl trying to make it in a largely male world (she’s a mechanic) and a skinwalker living next to a pack of werewolves. She does battle with all kinds of mythical creatures even while she wins over the big, bad Alpha Wolf.

Mercy, herself, is quite the character. There are times I’ve laughed out loud while reading what she gets up to. And yet, when Mercy is assaulted,  Briggs writes it with all the sensitivity it deserves taking the time to make sure Mercy’s reactions are genuine and true.

The Mercy Thompson series is classified as Urban Fantasy and rightly so. There is romance in the series but you  have to hold out for a couple of books to see that unfold. Sex is, while not necessarily behind closed doors, not very descriptive, which actually works with the genre. So if you find these books in the romance section of your local book store, don’t be surprised by the relative lack of romance in the plot.

If you like Urban Fantasy books featuring tough as nails girls, give the Mercy Thompson series a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Do you have a favourite book, series or author that you want to talk about? Leave a comment and give out some props.


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