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Friday Favourite! FT Island edition: Be Free

So, many authors listen to music or white noise while they write. It’s actually a question I get a lot. What do I listen to when I write?

Perhaps I’m the odd one in the bunch. After all, I’m the white girl who lives in Canada. But I actually grew up in an area of Toronto called Little Korea. I know three different ways to say hello, thank you and say random things in Korean and Mandarin that I don’t really know the meaning of.

So, maybe it won’t be too weird to say I love K-Pop. Yes. Korean pop music. My brother-in-law discovered my not-so secret stash of k-pop a couple of months ago, and now our kids groove to Big Bang together.

Honestly, though…one of my favourite groups is actually a K-Rock band called FT Island. They have been around since 2007, and were ridiculously young when they started. They do, indeed, play their own instruments and are heavily involved with their music, from writing and composing many of the songs on their albums to producing their live concerts. They’ve just released a new c.d., which I’m dying to get my hands on. For now, I’ll share the music video with you.

What is very interesting about them is that, though they are indeed Korean, they enjoy great success in Japan and this song is in Japanese.

Give it a listen. You might love what you hear!

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