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Wanting to keep her independence, Jocelyn MacKenna is determined to avoid marriage at all costs. When her craftily planted rumor of her sterility fails to discourage all of her suitors, she makes a break for the nunnery, disguised as a boy. Attacked by horse thieves along the way, Jocelyn is rescued by one of the most intriguing men she has ever met…

Robbie MacGillivray is in desperate need of an heir. Having faced heartbreak and humiliation at the hands of his first wife, Robbie has evaded another marriage as long as he could. Finally contracting for the hand of the wild MacKenna lass, he sets out to collect his newly betrothed. Except, in a twist of fate, he rescues a comely, spirited lass who captures his attention in a way no female ever has. A lass who is on the run from an unwanted marriage. To him.

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