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Eliza March examines the elements of a male/female/male ménage relationship: What’s the intrigue with M/F/M ménages?

Because they’re one of my favorite to write, I started wondering why. Part of writing the plot with erotic romance includes developing the characters’ interplay physically and emotionally. One of the things I like most about writing is doing just that. These kinds of ménages enable me to take two male characters with desirable  (and sometimes not so desirable traits) and create a growth arc for both men during the course of the story. Where one is bad the other is good and vice versa.

The female lead usually is attracted to something in particular in each of the men, and it’s usually something she can’t do without emotionally. I always make sure either man could fulfill her sexually alone, but it’s so much better with the three of them together.

The books I’m thinking of, in particular, include ANY WAY WEST and DUAL BONDAGE: ROPED AND TIED

One of my favorite conflicts is taking two men who have shared women before but suddenly have a problem dealing with sharing this heroine. And my heroines always need the two of them to satisfy some deeper emotional need. The two men find ways to satisfy her both sexually and psychologically, in some cases keeping her safe from the antagonists or even from her own demons.

I enjoy creating the blend of characters, a virtual entourage, and watching them grow together and individually.  Oh, and the sex ain’t bad either.

Besides writing M/F/M, I also write M/M/F ménages. The M/M relationships I develop are usually two or more straight alpha males who have been close friends in the past. They have a deeper commitment to each other than they realize, and when faced with life or death issues find there can also be more to the physical relationship they enter into with the right woman, the only woman for either of them.

So far I’m writing M/M/F paranormal ménages with dire consequences for the three lovers. I started with WITCH OF AIR AND FIRE. Then I progressed to THE LION, THE LEOPARD, AND THE WOLF followed by the next in the Enchanted Mountain series, THE MOON, THE MADNESS, AND THE MAGIC which was a finalist in the Golden Quill awards last year. I guess I can’t skip SANTORINI SUNSETS  just because it’s a M/M/F/M because it fulfills all the criteria of the ménage plus a lot more.  This book has been a favorite with the UK, probably because Santorini is such a popular vacation spot for Europeans. It’s the perfect setup for this story about Atlantis and the warriors who once defended the lost continent. One day I hope to write the sequel and the prequel.

This three or more habit recently spread to my other pseudonym, Elizabeth Marchat, I wrote a romantic suspense that’s been very well received, Across A Crowded Room. It’s not a ménage but it is a love triangle. The heroine has always loved the one man but suddenly finds she might be attracted to another man who isn’t at all suited to her. But the experience helps her grow strong enough to finally become equal to her former lover.

Okay, after going through all this, what have I learned? I’ve learned it’s fun to analyze character growth arcs through interpersonal relationships, even sexual ones. Especially sexual ones. But for those of you who  like your sex straight up between one man and one woman, I have two contemporary romances for you. HOT HIGHLAND FLING is a sexy romp (a sexual coming of age reunion romance) in the Scottish highlands with all sorts of heat. MORE THAN A STUD is a story about an older woman (42 is not older to me) who wants a child,  a younger man (35-ish sounds just right)  who’s already her friend, and an offer (he’s definitely stud material) she doesn’t want to refuse.

You can find me at my blog, ELIZA MARCH WRITES  where I have oodles of great looking men every Monday, and places to visit and comment about books and writing. I am Eliza March on Twitter and Facebook stop by and say hi!

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