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Elastic Band Bracelets! What?

Elastic band bracelets. What do you think of when you hear those words? If you’re like me, and you have young children, (mine are seven and four), you’ll know they are the latest fad among the tween scene. Like the jelly shoes, snap bracelets and gimp of my youth, these will forever be imprinted on my little minions as a defining fad of the decade. Will they think back on them with fond memories? My memories of jelly shoes is that they gave me horrible blisters. Snap bracelets hurt, especially if your younger brother snuck up on you and hit you with one with all his strength.

Just a few of my daughter’s creations.

Of course, I didn’t know about this until Christmas, when a family member gave my daughter the loom and thousands of elastics as a gift.

IMG_1460  IMG_1457

Somehow, I got sucked into the whole process. Together, we have watched YouTube video after YouTube video on different ways to make these suckers. While she may not remember these bracelets as anything more than a fashion accessory that she made with her own hands, I will cherish these memories of my big girl sitting on my lap and giggling together over getting our fingers tangled up in the elastics and watching them fly across the room.

I have been the lucky recipient of many of her creations, and I will always keep them close.

What fads were popular when you were young? Do you have any special memories attached to them? What do you do now that you will cherish later?

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