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Spring Mates_200x300Mating season. The time when a young man’s heart turns to creating a permanent bond with the one he loves. At least, in theory. But Adam seems to have no interest in mating with Cullen, though they’ve been together for years. Cullen can’t even take comfort in sure knowledge of Adam’s feelings for him as Adam has yet to say the words “I love you.”

Adam’s parents screwed up when they mated. The bond forged by the mating bite, supposed to be a way for mates to share their love and devotion, became a conduit for their hatred and bitterness. He won’t do that to someone he loves, or to himself. Cullen seems to understand, which is one of the things Adam loves about the man.

But Cullen doesn’t understand, and Adam’s forced to decide if he’s strong enough to face his fears for the man he loves.

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Spring Mates: Pack Mates Book 1.5

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