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Date Night: Pack Mates 3.5 Excerpt

datenightI just thought I’d share a little excerpt from Date Night, which releases next month! Poor Shannon and Gray haven’t had any time alone, and it looks like this:

Shannon gritted his teeth, throwing his arm over his mouth to muffle his desperate moans, as Gray bobbed his head up and down. Those soft lips and the warm, wet mouth were going to be the death of him.

He jerked a little as Gray’s teeth grazed lightly along his cock and he couldn’t help but buck his hips up a little. Gray chuckled around his dick, and the vibrations it sent through him all but ended things right there.

Reaching down, Shannon hauled his mate up by his shoulders and helped him straddle his hips. “God, it’s been too long,” he whispered.

“You don’t have to wait any more,” Gray answered. “I’ve been wearing a plug since I got home.”

Shannon growled and reached around Gray’s hip, running a single finger between his cheeks. He let out a soft groan when he found it. While he took great pleasure in preparing Gray, it had been nearly two weeks since they’d had any alone time and he was desperate. “You’re trying to kill me,” he accused as he tapped on the base of the plug.

His mate shivered and started grinding against him. “Nope,” Gray said in a husky voice. “Just trying to speed things up.”

“Well, if that’s the case…” Shannon let his words trail off as he grasped the plug and pulled on it.

Gray’s eyes fluttered shut and he let out a small whimper. Shannon smirked and pushed it back in a little before pulling on it again and dragging a quiet whine out of the wolf. Gray had once confided in him that, “in felt good but out felt awesome.”

He made sure to work Gray up as much as possible. He wanted Gray on the very edge of orgasm before he actually entered him. He wasn’t sure how long he would last once Gray’s ass was finally closing around his cock and he wanted to be sure Gray wasn’t disappointed by his lack of stamina.

“God, gotta get the lube,” he panted, still playing with the plug.

Gray shook his head vigorously. “Can’t wait. Besides, I lubed the plug pretty well. We shouldn’t need it.”

Shannon blew out a breath and said a silent prayer of thanks as he pulled the plug completely free. “Then get up here,” he said, gripping Gray’s hips and helping him get into position.

The wolf arched an eyebrow as he settled down until the very tip of Shannon’s cock was snuggled between his ass cheeks. “Want me to ride you, huh?”

What did he have to do, beg? “Yes, baby, please. I’m desperate for you.”

The head of his dick was barely lodged in Gray’s tight little hole when someone started knocking on the door. “Uncle Gray? Uncle Shannon?”

The doorknob rattled and Shannon thanked God he remembered to lock the door before pouncing on his mate. Gray was off him in seconds, pulling on sweats and tossing
a pair of pants at Shannon. “What’s the matter, Hopie?” he called.

“The door is locked,” she answered, rattling the knob again.

Gray glanced over his shoulder and smiled sympathetically when Shannon wiggled around in an attempt to hide the tent in his pants by piling the blankets over his lap.

“Why was the door locked?” Hope asked when Gray let her in.

“Uncle Shannon and I just needed some time alone,” Gray said as he followed her to the bed. The little girl clambered onto the bed and settled herself next to Shannon.

“I had a bad dream,” she stated. Shannon looked at her doubtfully. She looked far too composed to have had a nightmare.

“Really?” he said, his erection withering when it looked like she was settling in for the long haul. “And do you want to tell us about it?”

Her eyes widened and her little lip quivered, though there wasn’t a trace of even a single tear. She really knew how to pour it on thick. And he would bet his brand new stand mixer he knew exactly what was coming. “I dreamed that Uncle Gray got yelled at by the mean Dr. Peckerhead and he had to stay at the hospital forever until he made the doctor happy.”

Gray snorted and slapped a hand over his mouth even as Shannon bit his lip to stop his laughter. It hadn’t been what he’d been expecting to hear but it did tell him that he and Gray had to be a little more careful about their conversations. He could have sworn the girls were always in bed when he and Gray talked about work, but Hope had clearly heard at least one of their conversations.

“Really, cookie?” Shannon said once the urge to laugh had died down. “Are you sure you’re telling the truth?”

Hope scrunched her face up and managed to squeeze a lone tear from one eye. “No,” she sniffled. “I just missed Uncle Gray.”

Shannon sighed and moved over slightly to make enough room for the three of them to sleep comfortably. Gray had just come off a string of night shifts, which meant the girls had only seen him for a couple of hours each day. Hope had been impossibly clingy with Gray today, so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise that she wanted to sleep with them.

He glanced at Gray quickly, and noticed he too, had lost his erection and was yawning. The transition between night and day shifts was always hard on his mate and Shannon knew there was no hope of sneaking off to the couch once Hope was asleep. Not when Gray would probably be fast asleep too. “Okay, cookie, you can stay here tonight. But just tonight.” Hope beamed at him and snuggled against his arm. “Thanks, Uncle Shannon.” Really, who could resist this pup anyway?

Available Feb. 9 from your favorite e-retailer.


  1. Hi Lynn! Just want to say that I LOVE the Pack Mates series! I personally can’t wait for Book7! 😀 Please keep writing! Me and my book club love your work. Out of the entire series so far, I really fell in love with Shannon and Gray’s story the most though. I’m a sucker for kids and sensitive, sweet guys like Gray. Would you mind answering a quick fan question though? Who’s the hunky guy who modeled for the cover? Pretty much everyone from my book club (well, at least the gay guys and the straight girls) are swooning over how cute he is.

    Also, my good friend Tara gives her regards. She’s a sucker for guys who are good with kids, can cook, and can rock man buns. You just basically brought her dream man to life with Shannon! 🙂 (Personally, I love Gray waaaay more. He’s MY dream man. But she and I have agreed to disagree on who’s hunkier, hehe.)

    1. Hi Mick. Thanks for your kind words about Pack Mates! Unfortunately, my cover artist uses stock images so we have no idea who the model is. He is a cutie though.

      Also, for the record, I want Shannon to cook for me and feed me with his fingers and Gray to nurse me back to health!

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