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Hunted_500x750Hunted — May 2016

When the hunters become the hunted…

As the first female vampire to make the Paranormal Investigation Unit in Toronto, Arabella Classen has a lot to prove–to her family, her partner, and to herself.  When she gets a little too carried away during an interrogation, her superiors question her judgment and reassign Ara and her partner, Fen Blair, to a new case.  The new assignment is a punishment for what she did–and who she is.

An unidentified creature is attacking and threatening their city.  It’s up to Ara, Fen, and a young man assigned to the case, to uncover the beast that is terrorizing the community–while a dangerous and hypnotic Mist threatens to overtake them all. But nobody will believe the danger.  It’s  only them against the greatest peril they’ve ever encountered. The closer they get to uncovering the connection between the creature and the mist, the more they realize they’re closer to the enemy than they ever imagined. Going head-to-head against the mist could unleash a war on all of them–a war that began years ago, ending in a painful, horrifying death for all.  Can Ara save them all before the Gates are unlocked for good?


Pack Mates Book 7 (in progress)

Gunny and Pay’s story.