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Coming Soon: Steam excerpt!

Steam: Handlers book 1Coming in exactly one week, Steam is the first book in a brand new series by Lynn Tyler.

Sunny tried looking through the peephole, but for some reason, it had completely clouded over. She made a mental note to speak to the motel management about fixing it as she slid the chain lock into place and opened the door wide enough to look outside.

Two men stood there, staring back at her. They were both blond, but that’s where the resemblance ended. The guy on the right was of average height but had an absolutely fabulous body. His white dress shirt clung to him like a second skin and his gray slacks molded to his thighs perfectly. He had a friendly smile and pretty blue eyes.

The man next to him scared the bejeezus out of her. He was huge. Mountain like, even. His white blond hair was tied back in a ponytail that hung nearly to his waist and his shoulders were nearly as wide as the doorframe. But his eyes frightened her the most. They were gunmetal gray and seemed bottomless. She had a fleeting thought that if she stared at his eyes long enough, she would get lost in them. And not in the good, romantic kind of way, either.

Faced with such an intimidation, Sunny did the same thing she always did when she felt backed into a corner. She got lippy. “What do you want?” The words sounded rather flippant, even to her.

The words sounded rather flippant, even to her.

The shorter man smiled again and shuffled over so he was directly in her view. “Hi. My name is Matthew Samuels and this is Leith MacAlister. Can we come in and speak with you for a few minutes?”

The soft, Australian accent probably had the girls falling at the guy’s feet. Not her though. As attractive as this Matthew was, Sunny had always been drawn to the more tall, dark and handsome type. “No, I’m fine. Good-bye.”

Her attempt to close the door was thwarted when the big guy slapped his hand against it and used brute strength to keep it open. “Actually, that it is not a request, Ms. Kerrigan.” Somehow, it didn’t surprise her that they knew her name.

Leith tried to force the door open. Luckily, the chain held but the doorframe creaked under the pressure. “We have information you might find helpful, Ms. Kerrigan. About what’s happening to you. And about your parents.”

The mention of her parents gave her a second’s pause. Her parents had been killed when she was a baby. She’d read the police report on her eighteenth birthday. The lead detective had stated he suspected her parents had been victims of a drive by shooting. But the medical examiner hadn’t found an exit wound or bullets on either of her parents.

Despite her desire to know more about her parents, she wasn’t stupid. She realized she only had a few seconds to act when she saw Leith’s fingers wrap around the edge of the door and head up toward the chain. She gave the door a mighty push, slamming it against the questing fingers.

The fingers were immediately pulled away and the door shut with a satisfying click. She flipped the deadlock into place and smiled grimly when she heard the big man swearing through the wood. “Fuck, lass. Are ye tryin’ to break me fingers?”

Ooh. This one had a Scottish accent. And apparently Leith’s accent got thicker when
he was in pain.

“The two of you need to get lost before I call the police,” she called through the door. “Och, we don’t have time for this,” Leith shouted.

Seconds later, the blond giant materialized in front of her.

Shrieking, Sunny stumbled back until she was flat against the wall. Why did she have to leave her phone all the way on the other side of the room?

Muttering under his breath, Leith flipped the deadlock off and slid the chain off, letting Matthew into the room. The shorter man closed the door quickly and took a quick step toward her, holding his hands up as if to show her he wasn’t going to hurt her. “Relax, Sunny. We’re here to tell you about what’s happening, that’s all. If you’re parents had lived, you would have already known all about this. In fact, you would have been transported to the MacAlister castle at the first sign of your magic.”

Were these people insane? “Magic? Magic? Don’t come any closer,” she warned when Leith took a few steps toward her.

Matthew reached out and made a beckoning motion to her. “We’re not joking,” he said. “We’ll tell you everything you need to know once we’re on the plane. But we should really get moving. It’s not safe to stay here, especially now.”

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