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Character Interview with Grayson Mitchell

The Wolf's Tiger ~ Lynn TylerDo you want to know more about Gray, one of the heroes of The Wolf’s Tiger? Read on!


Grayson Mitchell. Most people call me Gray.

What was your life like growing up?
It was pretty awesome. My parents were great and my sister was my best friend.

When you were a child, what was the worst thing you did and how did your parents punish you for it?

Once, I got really mad at my sister, Miranda and I drew a mustache on her face with permanent marker. After they took pictures, they let her draw a mustache on me. It was pretty funny, looking back on it. And yes, that’s the worst thing I ever did. I was a good boy. 

Who are your closest friends?
Shannon, of course. Michael has been my best friend since we were about five. I’m the only one who gets away with calling him Mikey. And I’m pretty close with Quinn. But then, who doesn’t love Quinn?

Favorite food:

Anything Shannon makes.

Favorite Pastime: 

Reading, dancing with Shannon and playing with my nieces.

Who do you love?

Without giving too much away, what was one of your favorite moments with that person?

The first time we danced in the kitchen.

Finally, if I gave you a box with three items: Bungee cord, Nutella, and a Lolly Pop, what would you do?

Shannon could probably think of something naughty to do with the Bungee cord. Actually, he’s reading over his shoulder and he told me exactly what we would do with it, but it’s too kinky to share.

I’d probably cover Shannon in Nutella and lick it off him, because who doesn’t like the taste of chocolate and man?

And the Lolly Pop…I’d probably eat it. Shannon does the grocery shopping and he doesn’t bring home candy all that often.

This interview originally appeared on the Snifferwalk website.

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