Be With Us Story Excerpt

Her heart pounded with anticipation. They wanted to see her one-on-one! Perhaps they were seriously considering a relationship with her. “I would be happy to go out with you. I work until eight again though.”

Nick pulled away from Liam and velvety lips caressed her temple as Nick bent down to kiss her. “I have lots of work I can do at the office, trust me. Can I pick you up?”

Nodding, Lindsay accepted Liam’s help with her jacket. “Yes, thank you.”

She stood there, looking up at the two men, slightly uncomfortable at the sudden silence. At a complete loss for something to say, she settled for licking her dry lips.

Liam gave a small growl and stepped a little closer. “Chérie, I’m dying to kiss you. Please, please let me kiss you.”

Lips aching for his, she nodded breathlessly.

“Thank you,” he breathed before he touched his mouth gently to hers.

Oh, it was heaven. It was the kind of kiss you only read about in romance novels. Long and slow and just right. When he cupped the back of her neck for a better angle, she sighed. When the hand on her waist pulled her close enough to feel a rigid erection brush against her belly, she shivered. And when he pulled his mouth away and rested his forehead against hers, she groaned in disappointment. “You kiss like a dream,” Liam panted, his cock actually twitching against her stomach.

A pair of hands gently separated them, and Nick took Liam’s place. “My turn,” he said gruffly. Nick’s kiss was totally different but just as arousing. He took her lips aggressively, using his teeth and tongue to tease, cajole, and explore. Crowding her, he backed her against Liam’s front so that she was surrounded by both of them. Liam’s arms wrapped around her and cupped Nick’s hips so that he was holding them both.

It felt so right to be here with them, pressed between their hard, straining bodies. She knew that if they stripped her and took her right here, she wouldn’t object. In fact, the plea for them to do just that was so close to the surface she almost screamed with frustration when Nick ended the kiss.

“My god, Lindsay,” he gasped, resting his head in the crook of her neck, “that was indescribable.”

Holy Hannah, Lindsay was on fire. The lace of her bra irritated her swollen, sensitive nipples, and her panties were wet and sticky. The two hard cocks pressing against her, both front and back, weren’t helping. Pressing her thighs together, she squirmed restlessly between them, causing both men to groan and grind against her.

Liam took a step back, and the sudden rush of air was cold on her back. “We’d better stop now,” Liam said, his accent thick.

Nick straightened and nodded. “We want you too much,” he explained. “We want to do this slowly.”

Lindsay had to smile at the way Nick practically choked on the last word. She doubted Nick ever took anything slow. Her suspicion was confirmed when he muttered something about dying of frustration. Smothering a giggle, she wiggled her fingers in a wave. “I’ve really got to go home now,” she said with a grin.

Waggling his eyebrows suggestively, Liam grabbed her wrist and spun her around so that she faced him. “In a rush to get home and take the edge off?” he asked wickedly.

Oh no. She wasn’t going to let him embarrass her now. She could give it as good as she could take it. “Yep. My vibrator and I have a hot date. What about you two? Are the two of you going to run upstairs and have hot, sweaty sex the minute I drive away?” She shot them a wink and a salacious smirk.

Liam’s mouth dropped open, and a dusky flush crept over his face. Laughing, Nick wound his arm around Liam’s hips and cupped his crotch. “Why yes, yes we are,” he said conversationally as he fondled the other man through his pants. “And we’ll be imagining you between us the whole time.”

Lindsay’s cheeks heated, and Nick laughed again, clearly delighted that both of them blushed so easily. He let go of Liam, seized her and gave her a brief, hard kiss. “You’d better go before we decide to forget our decision to take things slowly.”

Her pussy flooded again, but Nick was right. She wasn’t quite ready to take on the two of them. She slipped on her shoes and smiled shakily when the two men escorted her to her car. “Call us when you get home,” Liam said. He waited until she nodded before shutting her car door.

Oh lordy, she needed to get home quickly. The sight of Nick fondling Liam had her hot and bothered and led to her imagining them naked, in bed, and doing things that got her even hotter and more bothered. Her little silver bullet was going to get a workout tonight. Maybe she should invest in a battery company.