A Called to Mate Christmas

A Called To Mate Christmas

Quinn felt like beating his head against the wall out of pure frustration. There were only five days left before Christmas and he still hadn’t found Declan a suitable gift. And here he was, looking at his computer screen, no closer to finding the perfect Christmas present.

Oh, he’d found plenty of boring gifts. He’d wrapped a number of books, a video game, a sweater, even a new bottle of cologne. They were all stacked under the tree and made a nice little pile. There was even a new skin for Declan’s laptop that he’d purchased back in August.

He hadn’t really been fussed over the whole thing. Until Declan had started doing the twelve days of Christmas with him, that is.

The first day, Declan had given him a box of his favorite chocolates. Not too spectacular, right? Until you consider the fact that they were imported from Belgium, had to be ordered nearly a year in advance and cost an arm and a leg to get them shipped here.

The second day, there had been a gorgeous platinum ring waiting for him. It went with the necklace Declan had gotten him for their first Christmas together. Declan had had the ring engraved on the back. Feels Like Home. He’d explained that home wasn’t a house to Declan any more. Home was Quinn. And, wouldn’t you know, Declan had been wearing a matching ring.

On the third day, Quinn had woken up to a flimsy excuse of a g-string that barely veiled his dick. The accompanying note had been a request for Quinn to wear it, along with a confession that the gift was more for Declan than it was for Quinn. It had turned out to be a present for Quinn, too, since he certainly enjoyed what had happened when he showed Declan he was wearing his gift.

It had gone on like that, some gifts sweet, some romantic, and some naughty.

Trina and Cullen, who had been pulling Quinn-sitting duty, as he liked to call it, poked their heads into the room. “Quinny?” Trina asked. “We could hear you muttering from downstairs. Is everything okay?”

“No,” he said shortly, well aware he was pouting. “I don’t know what to get Dec for Christmas.”

Cullen blinked at him for a few seconds before smirking. “Excuse me, but I’m pretty sure I saw about twenty presents with Declan’s name on them. And I’m also pretty sure they were all from you.”

Sighing, Quinn pulled at a loose thread hanging from the old sweatshirt he was wearing, a little embarrassed about his outburst. “I know. But they’re not really…I don’t know…romantic.”

Cullen held up his hands and started backing up, a befuddled expression on his face. “That’s so not my expertise.”

Trina, who had moved farther into the room, snorted. “Yeah, right. You edit freaking romance novels for a living. You can’t tell me you haven’t picked up a few pointers along the way.”

This conversation, while it had the potential to become amusing, wasn’t helping him at all. And Quinn didn’t hesitate to say that to Cullen and Trina.

Both stopped their bickering and studied him carefully. “You know that Declan will love anything you give him, right?” Cullen finally said.

“And you said you weren’t romantic,” Quinn muttered. “Yes. I do know that. However, I want to show him how much I love him.”

Trina closed the distance between them and mussed his hair. “He knows,” she said simply.

Quinn frowned and smoothed his hair absently. “But a video game doesn’t show my love.”

“Well, that depends on the video game,” Cullen said speculatively.

“You are such a guy,” Trina snapped. “Look, Quinn. What do you want to show Declan? Because, although I hate to admit it, Cullen’s right. You know Declan pretty well and love him enough to get him exactly what he wants.”

Quinn hadn’t really thought about it that way. He closed his eyes and concentrated on picking apart his feelings. Then, it came to him. If he was in a cartoon, a light bulb would have been blinking over his head. “I want to show him how much I trust him,” he announced.

This time, both Cullen and Trina blinked at him. “What do you mean?” they asked at the same time.

How could he put his feelings into words? “He still treats me like a china doll,” he finally said.

“Well, Quinn, sweetie…it’s probably pretty hard for him to forget the condition you were in when the two of you first met,” Trina said reasonably.

Therein lay the problem. Quinn had been horribly abused by his previous pack and he’d come to Smooth Rock Falls terrified of his own shadow. Declan had healed him, both physically and emotionally. But as far as he’d come, he still woke up at least once a week with nightmares. As a result, Declan tended to be very gentle with him.

Quinn fidgeted in his seat and pulled up the internet browser restlessly. “What did you get for Adam?” he asked Cullen.

Cullen cleared his throat and blushed bright red. “A toy we’ve been wanting to try,” he mumbled.

Quinn was struck with a sudden inspiration. One of the only things he and Declan hadn’t done sexually was bondage. Quinn, having being restrained and tortured for most of his life, hadn’t been able to tolerate being pinned down. But the idea of being immobilized while Declan pleasured him didn’t fill him with terror. Instead, it filled him with anticipation.

And that would show Declan how deeply Quinn trusted him. “Do you think Shea has any handcuffs I could borrow?”

When he failed to get a response from either of his friends, Quinn looked over his shoulder and laughed out loud. Both Trina and Cullen were staring at him with open mouths.

Cullen seemed to recover first. “Um, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any handcuffs. Are you wanting to tie Declan up or something?”

“Nope,” Quinn said cheerfully. “I want Dec to time me up.”

“Oh god,” Cullen moaned, covering his eyes with one hand. “Dec’s going to kill me. We had this discussion before, Quinn. I like my balls between my legs.”

Trina opened her mouth a couple of times before she spoke. “Quinn, correct me if I’m wrong, but Declan will probably never, in a million, no a trillion, years, ever tie you up.”

Quinn was sure the smile that crossed his face was slightly evil. “That’s why I need your help.”

“Oh, no!” Cullen burst out, backing away with a look of horror. “There is no way you’re going to get me to restrain you to the bed.”

Jumping up, Quinn did his best puppy eyes and blinked up at the beta. “Please,” he whispered. “You’re the only person I trust to not take advantage of me. Please?”

Cullen let out an irritated sigh and pushed his fingers through his hair. “Fine,” he said. “But if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right. You’ll want proper restraint cuffs. Ones that won’t hurt if you pull on them in the heat of the moment.” He plopped down in the desk chair and pulled up a sex toy store site, navigating straight to the BDSM section.

“I don’t even want to know how you know that,” Trina said.

Cullen shook his head as he put the appropriate items in the virtual cart. “Make yourself useful, then, and keep an eye out for Declan.”

Grumbling about stupid men, Trina left the room. “Don’t blame me if Declan turns you into a eunuch,” she said.

Quinn leaned over Cullen’s shoulder, ignoring Trina. “Those are some cuffs.” He was starting to feel a little nervous.

“They’re proper suspension cuffs. They’re so comfortable, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing them,” Cullen responded as he typed in his own address. “I’ll have them deliver it to my place so it can be a surprise.”

“You know Declan will never use these on me, right?” Quinn said. “Will you help me get them on?”

“Hell, Quinn. Are you out to get me killed or what?”

“Please?” Quinn begged as Cullen chose the fastest shipping option available.

“Fine,” Cullen said. “But you keep your underwear and pants on. Declan can deal with those.”

Trina’s voice floated up the stairs. “Declan just pulled into the driveway.”

Cullen hastily shut down the computer and just about jumped out of the chair. “I need to go update my will,” he muttered as he shot out the door.

Quinn smothered a laugh at Cullen’s antics. He could hear his mate talking to his two friends and strained his ears just in time to hear the door clicking softly.

“Quinn? I picked up some Chinese for dinner,” Declan called.

Quinn’s nerves promptly died away at the mention of his favorite meal. Declan was so sweet, always making sure he did whatever he could to make Quinn happy. “Did you get lots of egg rolls?” he asked on the way downstairs.

“You bet.”

Quinn headed into the kitchen and smiled warmly at his mate. The scent of egg rolls wafted from the brown paper bags and his mouth watered. He busied himself getting plates and cutlery while Declan pulled the familiar red and white boxes from the bags and set them on the table. “How was your day?” Declan asked.

Filling his plate with egg rolls and a small amount of fried rice, Quinn sat down and started eating. “It was good. Did you get everything set over at the café?”

“I did. The photos the owner gave me to load on to the website will blow your mind. Honestly, I think people will want to reach through the screen to sample to pastries. I brought some home for dessert,” Declan answered between bites of his own meal.

He smiled. He’d heard from Michael that the pastries there were to die for and he’d been anxious to try one for a few weeks now. “Thanks. We should eat them in bed. You know, cuddle a little bit.”

Declan’s eyebrows shot up but he grinned. “That’s a good idea. I’m not used to working outside of the house. I missed you today and my arms ached to hold you.”

Quinn’s heart skipped a beat at Declan’s romantic words. “I love you,” he blurted.

Instead of laughing at Quinn’s sudden outburst, he put down his fork, stood up, and walked around the table until he was standing right next to him. Quinn leaned his cheek into Declan’s palm when it caressed his face. “I love you, too,” Declan said. “You have no idea how much.”

They smiled at each other for a few seconds before Declan went back to his seat. “So, why was Cullen all flustered when he left?”

The reminder of what Cullen had ordered for him had his mouth watering for a different reason.

Quinn suddenly couldn’t wait for Christmas.


Declan smiled as he let himself into the house. Christmas had been awesome. They’d spent the day visiting every single pack member, watching the little kids unwrap their gifts and eating little snacks at every house.

He’d taken great pleasure at watching Quinn unwrap the gifts he’d bought him this morning. Especially the car keys. He’d taken Quinn to get his license a couple of nights ago and the man had taken to driving like a duck to water. He hadn’t actually purchased the car yet. He wanted Quinn to pick out his own car, but they had made plans to go car shopping the day after tomorrow.

They’d been over at Cullen and Adam’s for dinner, which they’d hardly eaten because they’d been so stuffed from everything else they’d eaten that day, when Quinn had asked Cullen for some help in setting up his final Christmas present for Declan.

For the life of him, Declan couldn’t think of what else Quinn could have gotten him. Quinn had already given him the new video game he’d wanted, lots of movies they could watch together, more books than he could ever read and a really nice, sinfully soft sweater.

Cullen came down the stairs, looking suspiciously flushed and nervous. “Hey, Alpha. Please, please, please, remember this was Quinn’s idea. Adam would be really sad if you killed me.”

The use of his title tipped Declan off that maybe this was something he wouldn’t like. Well, that and the fact that Cullen seemed convinced that Declan would kill him for something.

Before he could question his beta, Cullen took off, looking like he was racing away from a burning house.

His curiosity was now burning. “Quinn?”

“Up here.” Quinn’s voice sounded slightly strained, like he was anxious about something.

Declan bounded up the stairs and stopped dead in the bedroom doorway, stunned by what he saw.

Quinn was stretched out on the mattress, restrained by some weird looking cuffs. His mate was naked from the waist up, his beautiful, milky skin on display for all to see.

He instantly understood why Cullen had been so nervous. The idea that anyone had seen Quinn’s body in this intimate situation made his blood boil. It didn’t matter that the whole pack had seen Quinn naked whenever they shifted. His wolf still wanted to tear Cullen’s throat out.

At least Quinn’s pants were still in place.

The scent of wariness, and a hint of nerves, hit his nostrils and he moved quickly to the bed, intent on releasing Quinn from his restraints.

“Leave them,” Quinn said softly.

“Quinn,” Declan protested. “We don’t need to do this.”

“I know,” Quinn whispered. “I want to. I want to show you how much I love and trust you. This is the only thing we haven’t done.”

Declan sat on the mattress, stroking Quinn’s cheek with the palm of his hand. He couldn’t even put his feelings into words. “I don’t need this,” he said. “I only need you. And you still get nightmares about being restrained.”

Quinn nodded seriously. “Yes. Being restrained triggers some very negative emotions in me. And I trust you to make this experience into something that erases those memories and replaces them with loving ones.”

Declan’s heart was racing. He couldn’t deny the appeal of having Quinn incapable of interrupting him. Hell, he always started off by promising himself that he would drive Quinn out of his mind with pleasure but his little mate was far too impatient and he’d quickly figured out just where and how to touch Declan to make him forget about his resolve.

He could see the determination in Quinn’s eyes, the wary arousal and his nervousness about being rejected. There was nothing Declan wouldn’t do for him and it was about time Quinn figured that out.

His feet sunk into the deep, plush carpet as he approached the bed. “You’ll tell me if you don’t like something, or if you want to stop.” He didn’t phrase it as a question because it wasn’t one.

Not that Quinn had ever had any problem disobeying him. Well, not since they’d first been mated anyway.

Quinn nodded and swallowed. His eyes had already shifted but Declan couldn’t tell if his wolf had come out because he was scared or aroused.

Slowly, so slowly, Declan stripped off his clothes, leaving them where they dropped, and sat down next to Quinn’s supine body, taking only a second to retrieve the tube of slick and dropping it by Quinn’s hip. The scent lingering in the air was now firmly in the region of extreme anxiety but Quinn didn’t ask him to stop. Instead, he cocked his chin and took a deep breath. “I need you to kiss me,” he said simply.

That, Declan could do. He leaned down and pressed his mouth gently against Quinn’s. He kept it light and easy in case Quinn started to panic but his mate only sighed against his lips and opened his mouth, giving Declan complete access.

The tentative swipe of Quinn’s tongue reminded Declan of their first kiss. The cautious give and take, the hesitant nipping at Declan’s lower lip in a silent request for more all were reminiscent of Quinn’s early timid kisses.

It was endearing and Declan found his hands stroking Quinn’s chest almost without his knowledge. The action seemed to soothe Quinn, who started moaning into his kiss.

The tempting curve of Quinn’s jawbone was calling to him and Declan directed his lips the little sensitive spot where Quinn’s jaw connected just under his ear.

He didn’t even make a move for Quinn’s pants until the man was nothing more than a writhing mess under him. Then, and only then, did he skate his fingers down Quinn’s belly, the muscles contracting under his digits, until he was playing with the edge of Quinn’s waistband. Quinn’s body had remained smooth except for a small thatch of curls at the top of his sex and Declan absolutely loved the feeling of his mate’s skin against his fingers.

He fiddled with the band of Quinn’s sweatpants, flipping it inside out and then back again, all the while still raining kisses across Quinn’s jaw and stopping to dip his tongue into Quinn’s mouth occasionally.

Quinn was groaning steadily when he finally kissed his way down Quinn’s throat and chest, only to latch on to a nipple. He knew that his mate’s nipples were exquisitely sensitive, a very happy discovery he’d made early in their relationship, and he made sure to exploit them regularly.

“Please,” Quinn breathed, sounding close to tears.

Declan pulled away immediately, resting one hand on Quinn’s heaving chest. “I’m sorry,” he crooned. “Let’s get you out of these cuffs.”

But Quinn shook his head vehemently. “Leave them. I only wanted you to touch me.”

Feeling relieved and more than a little wicked, Declan grinned down at Quinn and started drawing small circles around his navel. “I am touching you.”

Quinn’s lips pulled into a pout and Declan couldn’t help the little nibble he gave it. It wasn’t often Quinn pouted but, damn, he was cute when he did.

Quinn wasn’t having any of it. “Declan,” he whined. “Not there.”

Oh, Declan knew exactly Quinn wanted. But it was such a turn on when his mate talked dirty. “Well, where do you want me to touch, then?”

Once, back when they’d first met, Quinn would have blushed and averted his gaze. But that was then and Quinn had definitely grown bolder in the last two years. He had no problem telling Declan exactly what he wanted. “My dick, Declan,” he demanded with an enticing roll of his hips.

Declan’s mouth dried at the sight of Quinn’s erection tenting his pants. He slid his hand down Quinn’s lower belly and palmed his shaft right through his sweats. “Like this?” he asked cheekily, squeezing Quinn’s cock softly.

The way Quinn’s dick fit into his hand so perfectly surprised him. There was no way he could be wearing underwear if his hand wrapped so completely around Quinn’s erection through the loose pants. “God, sexy,” he croaked. “Are you going commando?”

Quinn groaned and bucked his hips again. “Underwear would just get in the way. Declan,” he complained.

Clearly, Quinn’s nerves had disappeared. He didn’t know which feeling was stronger. The arousal at the idea of Quinn’s pleasure totally in his hands or the deep contentment he felt that Quinn trusted him enough to face down his greatest fear.

Then, a fresh wave of desire floated on the air and Declan decided to be content later. Right now, he had a mate to please.

He hooked his fingers under the elastic waistband of Quinn’s pants and eased them down, enjoying the way Quinn’s cock bounced against his belly once he’d released it from the pants. Quinn lifted his hips so Declan could slide the sweats all the way off.

Quinn’s sigh was enough to tell him that his mate was greatly enjoying what was happening and Declan put the last of his reservations aside. Situating himself between Quinn’s thighs, Declan nuzzled against the blond curls for a few seconds, enjoying his mate’s scent. It was a mixture of Quinn’s unique scent combined with his own, creating a smell all other shifters knew to be a mating scent. It turned him on to no end and his dick throbbed against the sheets.

Moving slowly, he licked a long line from the root of Quinn’s cock to the very tip, pausing to lap at the small bead of moisture forming at the slit. He couldn’t get enough of the bitter, salty taste of his mate’s pleasure and lingered at the head to tease more of the liquid from Quinn.

When Declan judged Quinn to be sufficiently out of his mind with desire, he picked up the lube and coated his fingers. Angling his eyes up so he could see Quinn’s face, he carefully monitored his mate’s expression for any fear as he nudged against Quinn’s pucker.

A flash of fear crossed Quinn’s face but was quickly replaced with determination. “You won’t hurt me,” he declared.

Declan figured Quinn was probably talking to himself but he stopped his movement and used his free hand to pet Quinn’s hip anyway. “I love you far too much to hurt you,” he soothed.

Quinn took a deep breath and relaxed, his muscles going pliant under Declan’s hands. Declan was tempted to forget the whole thing but he knew Quinn would just get upset and he’d be confronted with a very agitated beta at his front door again sometime in the near future.

Besides, despite the fact that Quinn was clearly forcing himself to relax, his dick was still hard and twitching with each beat of his heart.

So instead of stopping, he pressed forward, slipping his finger by that tight ring of muscle and going straight for Quinn’s g-spot. He found it on the first try and grinned when Quinn’s eyes became hazy and unfocused.

Quinn yanked a few times at his restraints but didn’t demand to be released. If anything, each time he was prevented from touching Declan, or himself for that matter, the scent of his arousal grew heavier.

Finally, finally, Declan judged Quinn to be ready, based on the way Quinn swore at him each and every time he withdrew his fingers.

Coating his dick with lube, he lined himself up with Quinn’s hole and pushed in with one smooth stroke.

Quinn went wild under him, humping against him frantically. Those little moans and groans Declan loved so much started leaking from Quinn’s lips.

Usually when Quinn was this crazy for release, he would jack himself off while Declan fucked him, causing the both of them to plunge headfirst into climax. Of course, much to Declan’s delight, Quinn’s restraints kept him from rushing things.

Declan took his time, thrusting at a slow, steady pace and rubbing his thumbs in circles against Quinn’s hipbones.

Quinn’s fangs had dropped. Turned on beyond belief at the sight, Declan’s vision flipped to shades of grey and the stinging in his gums indicated that his own fangs had dropped.

He was more than ready to let things happen but he had his own gift he wanted Quinn to have. Well, really, he was about to force Quinn to accept it. He’d been after Quinn to claim him with a bite for months now but Quinn had denied it every time. Alpha’s don’t get marked, he always said.

But to Declan, he was Quinn’s mate first, Alpha second.

Hitching Quinn’s hips up a little higher, Declan bent at the waist until he was hovering right over Quinn’s face. He turned his head a little and cupped Quinn’s jaw. “Mark me,” he whispered, pressing the skin of his neck directly against Quinn’s open mouth.

He was prepared for Quinn to pull away. So he definitely wasn’t prepared when Quinn bit cleanly into the juncture of his neck and shoulder. The sharp pain immediately faded into a pleasure so intense, he howled.

His soul seemed to break apart and reknit itself with Quinn’s. It was similar to the sensations he’d experienced when he’d first given Quinn his mating bite but far more intimate.

Quinn seemed to be just as affected. He was shuddering and the way his ass was squeezing around his dick told Declan that Quinn was about to lose it.

He bent over until he was nearly doubled in half so that Quinn’s cock was being stimulated between both of their bellies.

Quinn’s teeth tightened on his flesh and he whimpered as the feeling of Quinn’s pleasure flooded through him. So this was what he’d been missing. Declan slammed home once more and froze as the orgasm was ripped from him.

He had just about regained his senses when Quinn’s ass started contracting rhythmically around him, milking a second orgasm out of him.

By the time his eyes fluttered open, he’d collapsed to the mattress, having just missed smothering his mate with his heavy body. All he wanted to do was curl around Quinn and sleep for the next three days.

It was only Quinn’s frantic words in his ear that shook him from his daze. “Dec? Dec? You need to let me go. Come on, big guy. Let me out so we can take care of your neck.”

What the fuck was Quinn talking about? He forced his eyelids open and tried to focus on his mate. “What’s the matter?” he managed.

“You’re still bleeding and you’re disoriented. I think I hurt you when I bit you,” he answered, his panic evident in his voice.

Declan sluggishly moved his hand to his neck and felt the slight wetness of dribbling blood. “I’m okay,” he assured his mate. “You just really rocked my world.”

Quinn didn’t look convinced but relaxed visibly when Declan sat up and didn’t fall flat on his face. Declan shuffled over to Quinn’s left wrist and examined the cuff. He’d never really been into the whole bondage scene but was happy to see that the restraints seemed to be comfortable. They were cleverly secured with Velcro fastenings so they could be undone with a minimum of fuss. “Where did you find these?” he asked.

Quinn sat up and immediately reached for Declan. Declan sat still and allowed Quinn to examine him from head to toe. “I’m fine, baby, I promise,” he said when Quinn started stroking the wound on his neck. “Now, tell me where you got these cuffs?”

Sitting back, Quinn rolled his shoulders a few times before looking up at Declan through his lashes. “Cullenorderedthemonlineforme,” he said in a rush.

Declan blinked. “Sorry? Did you say Cullen ordered them online for you?”

Quinn nodded and smiled up at him winningly. “Did you like my Christmas present?”

Declan frowned at the thought of his mate and beta browsing through a sex shop store together, even if it was only online. But the hopeful look on Quinn’s face had him sighing and pulling him close until Quinn’s head was tucked under his chin. “I love it,” he whispered against Quinn’s blond hair.

Gentle fingers ghosted over the healing wound on his neck. “I didn’t plan on this,” Quinn admitted. “But it’s kind of awesome. I should have done it a long time ago.”

Declan hugged his mate tighter. “Well, I’ll just consider it another Christmas present.”

Quinn chuckled and Declan couldn’t help but kiss that smiling mouth. “Merry Christmas, Declan,” Quinn whispered.

“Merry Christmas, sexy.” Declan couldn’t stop the next words that came out of his mouth. “But don’t look at those types of online stores with Cullen anymore. Not if you value his life.”

Quinn linked his arms around Declan’s neck. “Never again. From now on, I’ll only look at them with you. In fact, there was this thing I wanted to talk to you about trying.”

Declan grinned and listened as Quinn outlined exactly what he wanted to purchase next.

Best Christmas ever.

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