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A brave new world…

Image courtesy of Ambro/
Image courtesy of Ambro/

Well, for me at least.

Yesterday I did something I’ve never thought I’d do. I resigned from my day job to pursue a career as a full time writer.

Honestly, what was I thinking? I traded in a steady, reliable pay cheque for the completely fickle world of writing. And yet, I’ve never been happier! Hopefully, in a mere twenty three days, I will be happily typing away on my next work in progress.

Why did I make the decision to become a full time writer? Actually, it was a number of reasons. First, my place of employment had moved two years ago today. As in, the entire office picked up and moved locations. I’ve been making the commute but to be honest, the idea of another brutal Canadian winter navigating the country roads leaves me biting my nails.

Because of the nature of my work, my hours are very…weird, to say the least. Oh, I’m sure there are weirder hours out there, and at least I don’t work weekends or holidays but there were days where I left for the office at six thirty in the morning and didn’t get home until well past nine at night. Not exactly the ideal hours for a young family.┬áMy kids are growing up without me, and I know I needed to spend more time with them while they still want me around.

Financially, I’m very blessed to have a partner who is willing and able to bear the brunt of supporting our family. He has been very supportive of me leaving my job, even though it means that our family will have to take a reduction in our income.

Finally, and probably most importantly, my passion is writing. Besides my family, my characters are the first things I think of when I wake up in the morning. They wake me up in the middle of the night, demanding that their stories be written. They chatter in my ear when I’m trying to eat my dinner. And I’ve been known to have entire conversations with them out loud.

So, as scary as it is for me to jump into this with both feet, I’m going in with my eyes wide open!

So, stay tuned. I may even have time to blog about my new adventures!

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