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10 Things You Don’t Know About Shannon Cho

  1. He keeps his hair long because it’s easier to pull it back than to actually do it every morning.
  2. He’ll never tell Gray, but he likes a good Big Mac as much as the next guy.
  3. He’s visited his father’s family in Korea twelve times. He would love to bring Gray and the girls with him next time.
  4. Shannon has a secret love for Brittany Spears music.
  5. He’s actually really good at break dancing.
  6. He’s only been in three relationships.
  7. His tiger is an orange Siberian. Okay, it was mentioned, but he wanted it to be re-iterated.
  8. He once considered changing his name but couldn’t decide on what he wanted to change it to.
  9. He enjoys listening to Korean pop music.
  10. He does all the cooking because the idea of Gray making him Kraft Dinner and hot dogs makes him shudder. Or that’s what he says. Really, he gets a lot of satisfaction out of providing food for his mate.

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