10 Things You Don’t Know About Grayson Mitchell

  1. He has a Hot Wheels collection. He has almost 200.
  2. His favorite meal is Shannon’s roast chicken and stuffing. Although a McDonald’s Big Mac comes in a close second, especially since Shannon doesn’t let him have it very often.
  3. His favorite color is green. He particularly likes the deep forest green color Shannon tends to favor.
  4. He has a secret addiction to Japanese animation.
  5. He despises slippers and prefers to go barefoot in the house as often as possible.
  6. His sister broke his nose by kicking him in the face with a soccer ball when they were ten. It was an accident, but he took great pleasure in making her feel guilty over it for years.
  7. He decided to become a nurse when he saw an episode of ER. But working in a real emergency room wasn’t quite as exciting as the show, which he came to realize was a good thing.
  8. He’s only been in love once. He mated him.
  9. He’s only been drunk twice in his life. The second hang over was so bad, he swore he’d never drink that much again.
  10. His favorite television show is The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon reminds him of Shea.