Pack Mates

Called to MateBeneath a Spring MoonMicah's RefugeThe Wolf's Tiger ~ Lynn TylerMichael's Heartpierceschoice



Steam: Handlers book 1

Helan Universe

Mate For TwoTheir Rebel Mate

Superhero, Inc.

SHI GuySHI Smile

Stand Alone Books

Be With Us by Lynn TylerFor Her HonorHat TrickRedeemedFor The Love of a God


  • Eva Lefoy (1 year)

    OOoh Lynn you have been a busy girl!

  • Anonymous (12 months)

    Just started reading pack mate series what a awesome series

    • Lynn Tyler (12 months)

      Thank you very much. Book #4, Michael’s Heart, will be released soon!

  • Mike Harms (11 months)

    Another Pack Mates!?!? Yes!!!! This series includes some of my favorite “wolfy” stories. I’m not normally a huge fan of cat shifters, but Gray and Shannon had me enraptured. The suspense at the climax of Wolf’s Tiger seized my attention more than anything I’ve read in quite a while. I couldn’t put it down until I found out what happened! Thanks for your imaginative work – I’m looking forward to reading more.

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